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Some of them are profiling leasing, some are quick loans, some have been able to collect all their popular credit line at the same time . The Loan and Credit GROUP has become a company of diverse profiles that strive to meet the most unforeseen needs of its customers.

Loan and Credit has been operating successfully


In Latvia since 2010 and has already managed to set up 20 service points within the country. During this time, the creditor has managed to issue more than 200,000 loans, and this number is growing inexorably with each passing day.

How the company works, the terms on which it issues the money, the programs it offers – all without having to go to the lender’s office or even just call Loan and Credit.

How Loan and Credit Lending System Works

How Loan and Credit Lending System Works

The mechanism for working with your clients in Loan and Credit is relatively simple:

  1. First, the person seeking the money must fill out a credit application at the company office or online and submit it for consideration.
  2. Consideration of the application and your documents is free of charge, all you have to do is transfer a symbolic amount of 0.01 Euro to your Loan and Credit account.
  3. If approved, the desired amount of money will be credited to your account within half an hour .

In addition to these simple terms of cooperation, the lender also offers the use of loyalty terms, such as:

  • With a regular cash loan, the borrower has the option of not paying the annual rate for the first 3 months, to be exact, it will not be calculated at all.
  • When applying for a car loan with Loan and Credit, the customer does not pay annual interest for 6 months.
  • The new offer of the credit program offers you to use the money for 30 days completely free , provided that the amount spent does not exceed 500 euros.
  • AGAIN – A new step in the loyalty system, which allows you to get discounts of up to 20% on various loans. The system is based on 3 loyalty levels, with discounts accruing after the first successfully repaid credit with bonus points.

What products are offered by Loan and Credit

What products are offered by Loan and Credit

  1. Ordinary cash credit. With this offer, your dreams and tasks will soon come true. Amount of the loan: 100 to 5000 euros. Refund period – up to 6 years with the opportunity to make money online.
  2. PRIMA – fast cash loan with short maturity – up to 1 year. Loan amount: 100 – 2000 euros. You can apply for a loan online.
  3. Car loan. Great solution if you are looking to buy a car. Amount of the loan: 1501-25000 euros. Refund period: 2-84 months. No down payment.
  4. Credit line. Allows you to hold the necessary amount of money in reserve for use in the most unexpected situations. Possible credit line amount – 50-2000 euros with repayment term up to 50 months. The credit line can be applied for online.
  5. Recreditation. With re -credit , you can re-credit an indefinite number of credit agreements for between € 100 and € 5,000. Money back period: 1-72 months. Money can be made online.
  6. Loans for the purchase of goods. Such a program is available in almost all major Latvian stores. Once you have made your purchase, all you have to do is find out if a bank specialist is available here. Credit amount: from 70 to 5000 euros. Refund period: 1-48 months. No advances and no down payment.

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