6 Mysteries From The Walking Dead’s Rick & Michonne Series Must Answer

There are six mysteries that the Rick and Michonne series will have to solve. As The Walking Dead is coming to an end, the franchise is preparing to release several spin-off series. Above Fear the living dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, four new spin-offs are joining the franchise, each following Daryl, Maggie and Negan, Rick and Michonne, and an anthology of new and familiar characters, respectively. Of all the upcoming spinoffs, however, the Rick and Michonne spinoff has the most questions to answer.


The spin-off was first announced as a movie trilogy in 2018, but the project was eventually scrapped. Instead, an announcement made at SDCC 2022 revealed that Rick’s story would continue in a six-episode limited series. Both Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira are set to reprise their roles as Rick and Michonne, bringing together a romantic reunion that’s been in the works for several seasons. Although the series remains untitled, it is slated for release in 2023.

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With so much to solve in just six episodes, the untitled spin-off is sure to guarantee action every second. Little of the plot was confirmed when the series was announced, although AMC described the spin-off as “an epic love story of two characters changed by a changed worldWhile there’s no official plot confirmation yet, there are plenty of loose threads from the original series that the spinoff series will have to tie up.

What happened to Rick Grimes?

The departure of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead season 9 was one of the show’s biggest departures from the comic book series. Although it was eventually revealed that Rick survived the bridge explosion, his family was reeling from his supposed death, and viewers were left largely in the dark about his fate. Of course, for a spinoff to follow Rick Grimes, the first mystery he has to solve is what happened to him from the time he was taken away by the Civic Republic to the time he reunited with Michonne. It remains to be seen in what state Rick is; after all, it’s been six years since Rick was separated from his loved ones to join the CRM. Has he aligned himself with the CRM as a loyal “B” should, or has he retained his fighting spirit? Content director Scott Gimple announced that fans will see the return of “machete red rick“, alluding to the brutal and violent Rick who showed his face in The Walking Dead season 5. Now, the spin-off will have to reveal what happened to Rick over the years that could have pushed him into such a state.

Who did Michonne find in her latest episode?

Finding out that the love of her life might still be alive in The Walking Dead season 10 episode 13, “What We Become”, Michonne instantly left the communities – and her children – to pursue Rick’s trail. After embracing her origin and gaining a new pair of walkers on a leash, Michonne comes across a pair of distressed survivors who seek her help in catching up with their people – a seemingly massive group of survivors migrating in a pattern similar to that which walkers have demonstrated before. To reunite Michonne with Rick in the upcoming series, the mystery behind who these people are and whether they are friends or foes is one that will need to be addressed almost immediately, as this moment is the last we see of Michonne in The Walking Dead and that’s likely where her story will pick up in the untitled spin-off.

What has CRM done globally?

The Walking Dead slowly revealed more information regarding the Civic Republic, but much of their activities still remains a mystery. Their influence in the world is currently unknown, although hints in world beyond point to the possibility that the CRM could be involved with – or even based in – a European nation, such as France. The location of the CRM’s main base, referred to simply as “the hidden city”, is still a closely guarded secret; but finding the location of the town would be a perfect task for Michonne if that is indeed where Rick was taken. The CRM is a one-of-a-kind network The Walking Dead so far, and their helicopters prove that they are capable of traveling abroad. Taking into account their work in biological research and advanced military tactics, there’s a lot more to discover about the franchise’s primordial antagonist, and the series’ greatest power couple is the perfect pick to unlock the secrets. of the CRM.

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Will Rick and Michonne reunite with old friends?

Over the years of surviving through the apocalypse, Rick and Michonne have amassed a found family among those who fought alongside them. After Rick was taken away without a trace, his loved ones — especially Daryl, whom he called a brother — never gave up hope of finding him. As The Walking DeadWith the characters starting to go their own way in their respective spinoffs, it remains to be seen whether or not the series will get the meaningful reunion between Rick and those he loves. Seeing Rick reunite with Judith and RJ, whom he’s never met, would be a great scene – especially as Judith increasingly takes after her late brother, Carl. The idea of ​​Daryl moving on with his life not knowing that Rick is alive and well after his years of grief and loyalty is heartbreaking and does a disservice to both his character and the bond between these two brothers. To do justice to Rick’s story, the spinoff has to figure out whether or not Rick is reunited with his loved ones.

Who is Major General Beale?

One of the biggest mysteries in the enigma that is the CRM is Major General Beales. As a major general in the Civic Republic Army, Beale has yet to be seen; those under him, however, such as Jadis and Colonel Elizabeth Kublek, have sworn allegiance to his leadership. Pulling the strings behind the scenes, Beale is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, as well as partially responsible for the introduction of Project Votus. To get the proper reward for Beale’s slow build of identity, the major general will need to be revealed – and likely star as the main antagonist – in the Rick and Michonne spin-off series.

What happened to Heath?

The Walking Dead has an extensive cast of characters, and under such dangerous conditions, it’s no surprise that the show frequently loses characters to one nasty fate or another. However, few characters disappear from the show without some kind of eventual explanation – even Morales finally received a resolution after seven seasons. Heath was a fan favorite during his run, so there was predictable confusion when Heath vanished without a trace, only to be later confirmed to have been captured by Jadis and traded to the CRM. Even though Heath doesn’t play a major role in the Rick and Michonne series, his fate is a mystery that the spinoff must solve to do Heath’s character justice.

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