9 Anime Characters Echo Would Be Friends With

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe took an unusual approach, adapting to recent times with the release of numerous Disney+ series. The latest offering from its show lineup, Hawk Eye, centers on Clint Barton and his successor for the title of MCU archer, Kate Bishop. But if Hawk Eye shines in any way it is because of the secondary characters introduced in the series.

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Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, acts primarily as an antagonist, though her motivations are more than understandable. During Clint’s time as a vigilante Ronin, he killed Maya’s father, the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia. Maya wants revenge and doesn’t let her disability stop her. Even so, she would likely benefit from a few friends, perhaps some she could find in the anime series.

9 Kallen loses her brother and is forced to confront the man she loves (Code Geass)

One of the most important characters of the classic mecha Code Geass, Kallen Kozuki is dedicated to the liberation of Japan from Britannia’s oppression. She loses her brother Naoto because of their shared dream but she doesn’t let that stop her. Throughout her battle, she encounters Zero and dedicates herself to the charismatic new leader of the Black Knights.

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But just like Echo, Kallen is being lied to, because Zero is actually Lelouch vi Britannia, a prince with his own agenda. When pushed into a corner, Lelouch becomes the Demon Emperor, and Kallen is even forced to fight him, despite her romantic feelings for him. Echo has a similar experience, after learning that his longtime friend and sign interpreter Kazi Kazimierczak is in cahoots with the Kingpin. In the end, she is forced to kill Kazi, and the pain she experiences is probably even more intense than Kallen’s grief over seeing Lelouch die.

8 Ayase Shinomiya Overcomes Her Insecurities About Her Disability (Guilty Crown)

Kallen isn’t the only mecha anime pilot with a painful history. guilty crownAyase Shinomiya is part of the Funeral Parlor group and pilots the humanoid robot Endlave. Despite being in a wheelchair, she hates being pitied, insisting that her disability does not prevent her from doing her job. However, without the Endlave, she still doesn’t feel safe. His Void manifests as a pair of legs reminiscent of his favorite machine.

At the end of the anime, she accepts her disability and no longer lets those feelings get in the way of what needs to be done. Her growth as a character and her determination make her a mirror image of Echo, who had to struggle with the same feelings in her youth.

seven Edward Elric loses his leg and arm for his family (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric holds his cyborg arm and smiles

If there is one character who embodies devotion to his family, it is Fullmetal Alchemist‘s, Edward Elric. After his mother’s death, Edward and his brother Alphonse attempt to resurrect her through human transmutation. Their plan goes awry and Edward loses his leg. Alphonse loses his entire body and only survives thanks to Edward’s sacrifice to preserve his soul.

As a result of the incident, Edward becomes a talented alchemist, completely determined to return his body to Al. His undying loyalty to Al is much like Echo’s bond with his father, and the characters would no doubt connect through the sacrifices and the pain they have endured.

6 All Might loses his mentor and his career all for one (My Hero Academia)

The most iconic figure in popular anime my hero academia, All Might is as tragic as it is heroic. Born Quirkless, he becomes the eighth wielder of One for All under the mentorship of Nana Shimura. The bond between the two runs very deep and All Might is grieved when she is killed by All for One.

Years later, All for One seriously injures All Might in battle. The Symbol of Peace continues his career despite the constant deterioration of his body. However, he is eventually forced into retirement after a second confrontation with his nemesis. Still, if there’s anyone who could relate to Echo’s conflicting feelings and character, it’s probably All Might.

5 Shouko Nishimiya could learn the true value of Echo (a silent voice)

shouko nisimiya

The deaf female protagonist of A silent voice, Shoko may be the complete opposite of Echo. Incredibly forgiving of those who have wronged her, she even grows to have feelings for her childhood bully Shoya Ishida. Unlike Echo, who is very close to her father, Shouko’s relationship with her mother is distant.

But in her own way, Shouko strives to move on. Her feelings of self-loathing are a problem, but that’s exactly why a friendship between her and Echo would work well. Echo might actually help Shouko find her true worth, and in doing so, she herself might find a new purpose.

4 Mikasa is forced to end Eren’s life for the greater good (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa in the Trost district

The main female character of The attack of the Titans, Mikasa embodies protection. From the start of the series, she is incredibly devoted to her friend and lover, Eren Yeager. This likely stems from rescuing Eren during their childhood. Eren would later claim that she is conditioned to act this way by her Ackerman blood, although it is unclear to what extent Mikasa’s behavior was truly influenced by her heritage.

Regardless, Mikasa’s feelings for Eren are genuine. Orphaned, she becomes a soldier precisely out of a desire to protect Eren. But towards the end of the series, when Eren’s dream of freedom turns into a genocidal plan, Mikasa makes the hardest choice of all and kills him. Mikasa’s strength is like Echo’s, and the two young women share the same warrior heart.

3 Rin Okumura pays tribute to his lost adoptive father (Blue Exorcist)

The son of Satan and the protagonist of blue exorcist, Rin Okimura is raised by his adoptive father Shiro Fujimoto, alongside his brother Yukio. Following an argument with Rin, Shiro is possessed by Satan and ends up killed. Rin is dedicated to becoming an exorcist like Shiro, hoping to one day defeat his biological father.

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Echo would certainly understand the grief Rin is feeling over the loss of Shiro, but also with her quest. She learns that her last remaining father figure – the Kingpin – is behind her father’s death and eventually hunts him down. She appears to shoot him, though the actual outcome of events remains unclear. Although Satan can’t be harmed by a gunshot, Echo and Rin’s feelings of helpless anger and desire for revenge are certainly the same. They’re both unlikely heroes, though Echo has yet to show his full potential in the MCU.

2 Alice is an artificial being left without her memories (Sword Art Online)

In Sword Art Online: Alicization, SAO’s protagonist Kirito ventures into the Underworld, which is a virtual world inhabited only by man-made fluctlights. Alice Zuberg is her childhood friend during her Underworld childhood. After accidentally breaking a taboo by entering the Dark Territory, she is arrested and forced to become an Integrity Knight. Memories of her true self are erased by Administrator Quinella.

Many years later, Alice will find the strength to overcome her conditioning. The original Alice fades away after her friend Eugeo dies in battle with Quinella, but Alice Synthesis Thirty lingers on and becomes an android in the real world. Even though her whole body is artificial, she bravely faces the new reality she has to face. It’s the same courage that allows Echo to take the lead in the Tracksuit Mafia and defeat many opponents despite his disability. They are both different but that just makes them special.

1 Koutarou Amon abandons his quest for revenge after becoming a ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul)

Having been raised by the ghoul Donato Porpora, Tokyo Ghoul’s Kotarou Amon becomes a first-class investigator for the CCG to cleanse the world of its perceived corruption. When he loses his mentor Kureo Mado to Touka Kirishima, he becomes practically obsessed with finding the culprit. His confrontation with Ken Kaneki leaves him seriously injured, but he returns as an artificial one-eyed ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul: re.

All the while, he makes peace with his feelings, with Touka, and his overall perspective on the world. Kotarou’s arc is not unlike that of Echo, who gives up her revenge on Clint after learning the truth about her father’s murder. Their losses, inner strength, and unique connections to their respective father figures ensure that these two characters would get along just fine.

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