AAP Mumbai Submits Letter to Maharashtra State Election Commissioner, Questions Delays in Declaring New Ward and Reserve Boundaries

Mumbai’s Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday submitted a letter to Maharashtra State Election Commissioner UPS Madan, who said delays in declaring neighborhood boundaries and reserves for Mumbai’s 2022 municipal elections place the parties in power in a position of unfair advantage and compromise. the right of citizens to free and fair elections.

Despite specific instructions from the state election commissioner to the BMC – to start demarcating the ward boundaries in August 2021, the final draft of the rectified ward boundaries was not submitted by the BMC until the last week of October 2021.

The letter further stated that the Maharashtra cabinet subsequently made the decision to increase Mumbai’s municipal constituencies from 227 to 236, which would inevitably result in a further delay for the municipal elections, which are scheduled for February 2022.

“The aforementioned delay will have a negative impact on the possibility of free and fair elections – ensuring that all candidates will have enough time to know the final boundaries and reservations of their respective neighborhoods to liaise with their constituents, and not just candidates from ruling parties in the State and Center – who may have access to information about the revised boundaries due to their membership in the ruling parties, ”the party said in the letter.

Potential candidates from ruling parties have already been observed actively campaigning in their respective constituencies. “We fear that the mandate of Article 14, which provides for equality before the law, may be violated due to the delay in the notification of the delimitation, the final electoral list and the reservation of the boundaries of municipal districts”, we read further.

“It is imperative for free and fair elections that sufficient time and opportunity be given to voters to familiarize themselves with all the candidates and the manifestos of their respective parties. Failure to ensure such a reasonable period of time has put all political parties other than those in power at a severe disadvantage, and we believe the SEC is no longer objective. We demand that the SEC ensure that a reasonable amount of time is given to all stakeholders in the next municipal elections after the declaration of final neighborhood and reserve boundaries, so that the ultimate goal of free and fair elections is guaranteed for all, ”said Preeti Sharma Menon, member of the national executive and Mumbai Prabhari.

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Posted on: Tuesday November 30, 2021 19:37 IST

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