April 20: Tax on vans, not enough EA, too many paper bags and other letters

Not enough EA

Regarding “Police still investigating educational assistant…” (April 12): Although we are among the least educated of all educators, education has nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident. This man should never have been alone with a student in an environment that could compromise that student’s safety. For years, unions have advised EAs to go to the bathroom in pairs to protect both themselves from false accusations and students from any threat of personal harm. This is exactly why this rule should be strictly followed. Being educated does not prevent sexual predators from committing heinous acts against their victims. To suggest that “not being educated enough” has anything to do with the aforementioned aggression is ludicrous. Adopting the proper protocol and precautions to protect the vulnerable is what is needed to prevent these horrific assaults from happening in the first place. It comes down to a lack of funding. Ensuring that there are enough qualified staff in place to do their job effectively and efficiently is what we should be focusing on.

too many bags

I enjoyed the thoughtful article, “Beating Plastic Pollution in Our Cities” by Kaeley Cole (April 12) and was moved to ask for another one; “Why?” I don’t often visit Tim Hortons, but when I do I usually buy a snack with my drink. This snack is always put in a paper bag even if I eat. I always ask the waiter to please dispense with the bag as it will be thrown away in a few minutes but am told that is policy and must be bagged! I dread to think of the number of paper bags that end up in the trash every day because of this policy! Why?

Democratic values

Regarding “Potential far-right victory in France seen as a threat to the EU” (April 13): I am disturbed to read the rise in popularity of far-right leader Marine Le Pen given the upcoming elections in France. To address the recent resurgence of populism around the world, people of all faiths and racial backgrounds must stand together against the current global climate of xenophobia. Only then can we guarantee our democratic values ​​to future generations.

Pickup tax

The people who drive these gas-guzzling mega-vans and who apparently have nothing but vanity and ego to drive them should indeed pay more consumption tax when they drive on our overloaded roads and highways.

Radio baseball

Growing up in West Vancouver in the 1950s, I spent hours listening to baseball on the radio while Bill Stephenson (later known to the CFRB) broadcast Vancouver RCMP games. It wasn’t until years later that I learned he wasn’t at the ballpark where the Orioles AAA club was playing, but rather in a studio, recreating the game from ticker messages on the balls, the strikes and plays, with canned crowd noise. and the sound effects of hickory on horse skin. I did not care. I thought he was there and he brought me with him through his voice (making me a lifelong Orioles fan in the process). So while I am sympathetic to the Blue Jays radio crew who will have to call games on the road from a studio, they will have the advantage of being able to see the action on a TV screen as it unfolds. in the field.

Youth voting

Forget high school civics, there’s a simple reason under-18s can’t vote.

You haven’t earned the right. If you’re too young to serve in the military to defend Canada and you hide behind the Young Offenders Act when you commit a serious crime against society, you don’t deserve the privilege of voting. You can’t have it both ways, either you’re an adult or you’re not. Every generation of teenagers thinks they invented sex and know more than their parents. The great American writer and humorist Mark Twain said it best: When I was 14, my father was so ignorant I could barely bear to have him around. But when I turned 21, I was amazed at how much the old man had learned in seven years.

Security solutions

The solution for Main and Dundurn (and other troublesome intersections in Hamilton) would be to have a green walk signal (for all directions) and have all cars on a red light at the same time. There would be absolutely no turns allowed on a red signal. It would slow down traffic, but is that a bad thing if it saves lives?

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