Bucks County Commissioners Approve Coronavirus Relief Fund Spending Plan | southeast pennsylvania

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. — At their Wednesday morning meeting, Bucks County commissioners approved the $61,017,041 spending plan, or about half of the total allocation, for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

County Chief Operating Officer Margie McKevitt laid out the plan and said it was “a fluid document and a fluid budget” that could change in some details. She said it will be posted on the county’s website by the end of the week.

McKevitt gave a breakdown of the plan into its most important components. Public health is allocated 10% of the funds; public health – negative economic impact on public sector capacity receives 37% of the money; other negative impacts on public sector capacity receive just over 34%; the premium salary will receive 10% of the funding; income replacement is 8%; and infrastructure gets 0.25% of the money.

According to McKevitt, the public health portion includes the county’s immunization program which will end in September, as well as funds provided for medical care in prisons and co-responsor programs and the construction of a crisis center. for the treatment of mental health and drug and alcohol addict patients. .

Under the category of other negative economic impacts, McKessick noted, there will be direct aid to households; job training through the Economic and Workforce Development program, in conjunction with Career Link: funds for the justice system to provide a mental health recovery house for women; funds for affordable housing projects and homelessness assistance, and funds for Bucks United’s Renovation and Mold Remediation Assistance Program.

In the area of ​​public health, negative economic impacts, McKessick said the funds will go towards salaries and benefits for public health employees, and will also include an incentive for the county’s immunization program.

In addition, it will finance the former retirement home and the future construction of the mental health forensic centre.

To help businesses, the plan provides grants to small businesses across the county in partnership with the county’s economic development office. Additionally, Aid for Nonprofits provides funding to various social service agencies, senior centers, and emergency medical services. Funds will also be provided to Visit Bucks County, the Farm Fresh Foods program and a veterans program in cooperation with Bucks County Community College.

Funding guarantee

Commissioners approved funding from the Bucks County Community College Authority to provide funds for a capital project for the purposes of the Community College. Commission Chairman Robert J. Harvis pointed out that the county was not borrowing the money, but rather guaranteed payment by the community college.

The sale of the 2022 bonds will take place in a private sale by negotiation pursuant to a proposal to purchase transferable bonds and a subsequent amendment. Commissioners approved the occurrence of County Leasehold Debt in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $15 million; and approved the Bucks County Community College Authority’s issuance of its Guaranteed Revenue Bonds for College Construction, Series of 2022 in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $15 million for its capital project.

In addition, the commissioners authorized the execution of a guarantee agreement in which the county guarantees payment of debt service on the 2022 bonds; authorized and approved a sixth additional lease and sub-lease; has authorized the preparation of a Statement of Debt and other documents, the filing of such Statement of Debt and other documents and a transcript of proceedings with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

In addition, the commissioners approved an official statement to be used in connection with the sale of the 2022 bonds; authorized the execution of a continuous disclosure agreement or a supplement to an existing continuous disclosure agreement; and authorized any other necessary action.

Board appointments

Joyce A. Hadley, Keith Pacheco and Robert Wilson were reappointed to the Council on Human Relations while Barbara Hoffman and Mary Jane Leonard were named as new members. In addition, Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer was appointed to the Library Board and Brian Servis was appointed to the Redevelopment Authority.

In major purchases, commissioners approved a contract with Luftus Construction, Cinnaminson, NJ, for $1,524,000 for the rehabilitation of Bridge No. 183 on Farm School Road over Tohickon Creek in the Township of Bedminster.

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