Demand accountability, vote “no” to measure H – Chico Enterprise-Record

Those sneaky former mayors of Chico…the very ones who turned a blind eye to the deterioration of our roads while in power are now asking voters to support a flawed ballot measure that has no guarantee that money will actually be used to repair our roads, sidewalks or other infrastructure.

Vote No to Measure H.

Help the homeless? Go on. Our City Council believes that bulldozing through the few places people find to pitch their tent is the way to meet the needs of our less fortunate citizens. Do we want to give them money to do more of the same inhumane deeds?

Vote No on Measure H.

Former and current city council members haven’t spent the $800,000 a year from the reecology/waste management agreement on street maintenance as planned, so why should we believe they’ll use the 24 million dollars per year from Measure H for any of the items listed in the Voter Information Guide.

Vote NO on Measure H.

We will have a new city council in January. That they propose a new ballot measure that guarantees how the money will be spent, establishes an oversight committee, and includes a sunset clause giving voters the ability to determine in the future if/how they want a sales tax increase continues.

Vote No on Measure H.

We need accountability from our elected leaders. It’s never a good idea to give politicians $24 million a year indefinitely to spend as they please. Vote NO on Measure H.

— Jann Reed, Chico

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