Don’t boycott everything, people boycott you, government tells Oppn on rejection of 4-way meeting to resolve RS Logjam

various personal marriage laws of different communities to ensure a uniform marriage age. Currently, the legal age for marriage for women is 18, while that for men is 21.

The decision came a year after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government was deliberating on the minimum age for marriage for women. The decision is based on the recommendation of a four-member task force led by former party leader Samata Jaya Jaitly.

Meanwhile, there is no resolution in sight for the stalemate in the Rajya Sabha over the suspension of 12 lawmakers as a united opposition on Sunday rejected government efforts to resolve the stalemate.

Key opposition sources told the PTI they would not attend the Monday morning meeting called by House Leader Piyush Goyal because invitations were sent to the leaders of the four parties whose MPs were suspended. and not to the entire opposition.

Responding to a letter from Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi inviting the four parties, opposition leader Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said “some of the invitations were unfortunate.” Government invitations have gone to Congress, Trinamool Congress, Shiv Sena and CPI (M), sources said. The meeting was called for 10 a.m. Monday as Parliament’s winter session enters its final week. “We will not attend tomorrow’s meeting with the government because the opposition remains united in its fight,” a senior opposition official told PTI. Kharge said he received a letter on Sunday evening inviting the leaders of the four parties, whose members of the Rajya Sabha have been suspended, to attend the meeting.

“All the opposition parties are united in protesting against the suspension of the 12 deputies. We have asked since the evening of November 29 that the president of the Rajya Sabha or the head of the House Piyush Goyal call the leaders of all the opposition parties for a discussion in order to break the deadlock, ”he said. -he declares.

“This reasonable request of ours was not granted. Moreover, inviting only the leaders of four opposition parties instead of inviting the leaders of all opposition parties is unfair and unfortunate, ”Kharge said in his letter to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Joshi.

TMC chief Derek O’Brien tweeted: “Monday morning STUNT from a government that doesn’t want Parliament to work. The government calls on the leaders of the four opposition parties whose 12 RS deputies have been arbitrarily suspended.

“The government is ignoring 10 other opposition parties. Failed stunt. Any opposition is clear: first revoke the arbitrary suspension, ”he said on Twitter. A similar letter was also sent to Joshi by CPI MP (M) Elamaram Kareem.

“It is quite unfortunate that the government has delayed such talks with the opposition even after three weeks of suspension. Even now, the government’s action is not sincere as the meeting is intended only for party leaders of suspended MPs, ”he said in the letter.

“You are well aware that the whole of the opposition has taken a unified position on this issue of suspension and all the opposition parties have jointly called on the president and the government to hold such a meeting to resolve the impasse from the first day.”

He alleged that it was the government that delayed him and that the decision to invite only a part of the leaders of the opposition parties to the meeting was “completely unfair and unacceptable”. “If the government is sincere in resolving this problem, I would ask you to convene the meeting of all opposition parties,” Kareem said in his letter to Joshi.

The opposition parties have decided to meet on Monday morning to work out their common strategy in parliament during the last week of the winter session. The Rajya Sabha has not dealt with important business as the opposition unitedly protests in the House, resulting in repeated disruptions on the issue of suspensions.

While the government wants suspended MPs to apologize first, the opposition says suspensions must be revoked without any excuse. The president of Rajya Sabha, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, had urged the government and the opposition to break the deadlock on the suspensions and find an amicable solution.

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