Eagles coach’s link to Christian Kirk could spark surprise addition

It’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to avoid channeling your inner tipster. Philadelphia Eagles fans, radio personalities, and members of the print and television press are constantly racking their brains about what might happen next.

We type mock drafts, or run them in our own head, sometimes when we’re supposed to be working or doing something else. We recruit fantasy football players based on what we think they could do. Then we beat our chests and we brag when someone has a fantastic statistical performance… you know, because we were smarter than everyone else and we saw it coming when no one else did. did. Then there are fictional drafts and March Madness parentheses.

You see where this leads, don’t you? Again, we just can’t help ourselves. Most of the time, we are not sure of anything. It’s really cool when you guess and you’re right. This brings us to Christian Kirk.

A connection between Christian Kirk and an Eagles aide could spark a conversation…maybe.

We mentioned fictional drafts earlier. As the remaining days of February roll by and we enter March, you will undoubtedly see quite a bit of it. Before reaching the end of April and the annual selection meeting, however, the NFL Scouting Combine and the upcoming period of free agency are on the agenda. Do you know what that means.

Yes, we’re throwing away our tipster caps and making more of those educated guesses. What do we think Howie Roseman will do with three first-round picks? What happens in free agency? Will the Eagles focus more on adding to their offensive arsenal or will they add pieces to their defense?

The truth is, no one has the answer, not even the Eagles themselves, but here’s what we do know. Relationships matter.

Teams and coaches like to have guys they know. That’s why you always see the birds cutting guys and bringing them back. This is why Greg Ward has been freed and redeemed more times than we can remember. That’s why Nick Sirianni hired Jonathan Gannon.

It’s also why we’re putting Christian Kirk’s name on the list of impending free agents the Eagles could face. For those who don’t know, Philadelphia wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead played the same role during his College Station days and knew Kirk well as he was one of the Texas A&M Aggies’ best players in the time.

During their time together (2015-2017), Kirk won the SEC Freshman of the Year award (2015), and he earned two First Team All-SEC nods (2016, 2017) en route to becoming No. Arizona Cardinals tour. draft of the selection in 2018.

So far, despite making it to the Pro Football Writer’s of America All-Rookie Team in 2018, Kirk’s career hasn’t produced the fireworks he might have liked. In four seasons, he had 236 receptions for 2,902 yards and 17 touchdowns.

From an Eagles fan’s perspective, most would like to see the Birds run against one of the most sought after wide receivers in the free agency pool, Davante Adams or Chris Godwin for example. You have to consider the fact that the Green Bay Packers could franchise Adams if a deal can’t be reached. As for Godwin, there’s no guarantee the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will let him go, and if they do, he’ll cost a pretty penny.

Philadelphia has some decisions to make, but bargain shopping might be a route they’re taking. This brings us back to Kirk. With a major need at wide receiver, this could be one of those moves that makes sense in terms of strategy and finances.

We are far from having to have that though. Again, we’ll cover the reconnaissance combine first, but keep this one in mind. The relationship is there. The need is there. The question is, however, are either side interested?

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