France will define an “action plan” on the UK and fisheries on October 15


French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire touched on a variety of topics in his latest interview, as he said France would define an “action plan” on the UK and fisheries on October 15.

It comes as France once again threatened to cut the UK’s energy supply as it tried to pressure London over the ongoing dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Additional comments

“We are one millimeter away from a global corporate tax deal.”

“Some Member States are asking for a 10-year implementation period on taxation – ‘why not? “”

“We need a deal by the end of the month.”

On the negotiations on global corporate taxation: “I have been waiting for this for over 4 years. “

On the Global Business Tax Negotiations: “I can wait a few more days. “

“We could next week in Washington or the G20 sign the final tax deal.”

On natural gas: “We don’t want to pay too high a price for gas in France.

On natural gas: “I told the EU partners that we don’t want the price of electricity to be totally dependent on the price of gas. “

On natural gas: “We want electricity prices in the EU to depend on the average cost of production and not on gas.

On steel / aluminum tariffs: “Let’s eliminate any trade war between the EU and the US. “

On relations with the United States: “We need to get rid of the tariffs on steel / aluminum.

On American relations: “If we are all determined to find a compromise, it is possible to avoid sanctions on steel / aluminum.

“We are on the right track to improve relationships.

“We want the EU to be as strong and independent as China or the US.”

“We don’t want to depend on China or the United States for technology. “

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