Good Weekend Letters to the Editor: February 12

I loved Jo Dyer’s comment about Christian Porter, “You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel for him.” Does she think she’s human if he wasn’t guilty and she was wrong?
Robyn Hall
Darlinghurst, New South Wales

The empty plate
Chronicle of Terry Durack [December 11] mentioned our parents’ deli, Benedykt Deli, in Acland Street, Melbourne: it’s amazing how fondly people remember the products they bought in those days. Today, we buy our chopped pickles, herrings and livers from the “Caulfield triangle”, where there are pockets of specialists. The charcuterie was sold in 1989, but memories of that time remain strong.
Ron Benedikt
Ormond, Vic


modern guru
I love your column but your letter writer, Geelong PN [January 29], refers to coffee workers as “girls”. The reference should have been “women”. Words matter. Describing an adult as a girl infantilizes females and therefore diminishes them. If it was a man, PN would most likely have referred to the chai maker as a “guy” and not a “boy”.
Lori Callahan
Manly, New South Wales

Trust and sweetness between Ringer [a Maremma sheepdog, January 29] and the calf is beautiful to see. Unfortunately, this image also shows the disconnect on how we perceive animals, as the calf will end up in a slaughterhouse.
Copacabana, New South Wales

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