GOP candidate for Michigan governor says babies of rapists can bring ‘healing’ to child rape victims

You can tell me if I’m overstepping here, but I think it’s now 100% fair to refer to the GOP as the Pedophile Rapist Party. Change one’s mind.

The latest GOPster to argue that literal children should be forced to give birth to the babies of their rapist uncles is real-life Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, Tudor Dixon. She recently sat down for an interview with Fox 2 Detroit presenter Roop Raj, and although Raj may have been trying to obtain her zygote, Dixon was a firm believer that 10-year-old girls should humbly embrace their divine mission to serve as God-anointed fetus decanters to rude old men.



RJ: “You were asked about someone being raped by someone who is, you know, 14 years old as the victim. Why not allow that person to have an abortion?

DIXON: “I spoke to other legislators about it, and they met the same people I met who told their story” once this child found out he was in his second or third trimester, and I am that child.’ I spoke to these people who were the child of a rape victim, and the bond that these two people created, and the fact that following this tragedy, there was a healing thanks to this baby – it’s something we don’t think about. ..”

Alright, that’s scary. Just as scary as all those other times when forced births told tweens to close their Happy Meal holes and get one for Team Jesus.

Oddly enough, that’s not even the craziest thing Dixon has said about abortion. As reported by The daily beastshe claimed earlier this month that giving child rape victims too many rights was simply playing into the hands of their abusers.

During a conversation about a proposed referendum this year that would guarantee abortion access in the state, Dixon said it would create “a safe haven for any kind of predator.”

“If you’re a predator, there’s nothing you love more than abortion. And if you can abort a girl without her parents knowing about it, you can keep hurting her,” Dixon said during a meeting at Na-Lar Farms last week.

“So we have to make sure we protect people from predators in this state. We cannot let this constitutional amendment pass and give predators a chance to continue preying on young women,” she added.

It’s understood? The only way to stop child predators is to ensure that their victims are forced to carry their offspring to term. It will show them!

Republicans have painted themselves into a corner on this issue, and they don’t want to be asked about it. Because their answers don’t make sense, and everyone knows it.

Yes, Democrats have a lot on their plate this election cycle, including the fact that we want to preserve democracy for future generations while the GOP wants to euthanize it with a MyPillow. But the issue of abortion is no longer an abstraction for voters, it’s real and deadly serious. Anyone who is a woman, knows a woman, or has an 11-year-old daughter they would rather not turn into an incubator is affected.

And people need to be reminded as often as possible of the Dominionist dystopia that Republicans like Dixon want to create.

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