Letter: I am a republican who criticizes Boebert

For the first time, I have reason to dispute one of Claire Noble’s reasoned and insightful chronicles. In her most recent column, she wrote that she had yet to see an Eagle County Republican say anything critical of U.S. Representative Lauren Boebart. Well, this Eagle County Republican has a whole list of criticisms of how Boebert has represented moderate Republicans in our district.

Clearly, Boebert is more concerned with making a splash in the conservative media than representing his constituents and helping them lead better lives. As well as being a fetishistic and offensive bully and a supporter of the big lie that reasonable Republicans have long abandoned, she also voted against the US bailout and consistently failed to provide her constituents with information about her positions on important economic issues that affect their well-being. Rather, she prefers to provoke and fuel the fires of disinformation, assuming that stepping on the tails of an older, bigger foe would ensure her job security.

Lauren Boebert, a true Republican, would work to help her working class voters earn better than barely a living wage, have better health care, provide their children with an earlier and better education and to revive their small towns and failing economies. It’s not just Democrats who believe America is strong enough and big enough to take care of all of its citizens. It’s not just Democrats who believe we should rule with a heart instead of a gun.

What about the Republicans of Eagle County? Don’t let me be the only one to prove Noble wrong in his assessment of us.

Bobbie ruh


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