Letter to the Editor: Limiting short-term rentals will not guarantee housing for the workforce



As the owner since 1973 of a vacation home and short term rental in Frisco, I have some hard facts for those trying to limit or eliminate short term rentals. Restricting permits on single family homes will not guarantee housing for the workforce. This will not make it possible to “preserve the neighborhood” either.

I and other vacation home owners will not magically convert our homes into long term rentals. Why? Because we bought these houses for ourselves, our families and our friends to enjoy. If we can’t rent them on a short-term basis, they’ll just stay empty between visits. There isn’t much to preserve in a neighborhood that has no neighbors. Not to mention all the revenue that the Town of Frisco and all of its residents will lose due to lost short term rental taxes. Other Frisco businesses will also miss out on customers and short-term tenant income.

This petition, while perhaps launched with good intentions, is incredibly short-sighted and, ultimately, unrealistic.

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