Letters: An open letter to Kit Malthouse


Reading the letter from my MP Kit Malthouse on July 1 reminded me of the football team that had a lap of honor when they won a corner kick.

He describes an agreement with a small country on the other side of the globe as a “major” agreement.

He uses typical Johnson extravagant language like “discounted” fares, “stimulating” industries and “huge opportunity”.

Analysis of those who understand these issues puts the benefit for our GDP as extremely modest.

In the meantime, his government has presided over a horrific death rate from Covid and a blow to the education of our children.

A combination of Covid and an ultra-thin Brexit deal has resulted in the UK having the worst economic performance of the G7 countries.

A healthy, prosperous and well-educated country is not the result of boastful talk.

Mr. Malthouse should realize this; I doubt Boris Johnson will ever do it.

Philip Nield, Winchester Street, Overton

Farmers will not support the new deal

Mr. Editor,

Our farmers are unlikely to support the MP for Kit Malthouse (letter of July 1) on the new trade deal with Australia, despite his obvious enthusiasm for it.

The deal will allow Australia to have virtually unlimited imports to Britain, duty-free, and make the UK market extremely attractive to their beef and mutton farmers.

Back British Farming is extremely concerned that it may become impossible for our family farms to compete.

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of beef (including hormone fed), often with 50,000 head of cattle on a single farm.

Their systems are very different from British grass-fed systems.

Likewise, their production methods: a cow can be transported for two days, without a break and without water – illegal in the UK with our high animal welfare and environmental standards.

Their lamb may be subjected to ‘mulesing’ – removing the skin from the back of a lamb without anesthesia to avoid ‘flies’ – again, illegal in the UK.

Mr Johnson’s government promised us that our agriculture would be protected.

The Australian agreement suggests otherwise.

Farmers are asking only for a level playing field, which was guaranteed to them under the EU’s common agricultural policy before Brexit.

Yet the government continues to ignore all warnings of a devastating long-term impact on our farms.

“Good news” and “huge opportunities” for our farmers, Mr. Malthouse?

Name and address provided

Open letter to Kit Malthouse

Dear Kit Malthouse,

The UK, a major contributor to the global plastic crisis, produces more plastic waste per person than any other country except the US.

The UK recycling system is not working.

I am concerned about the government’s complacent attitude to the problem.

Our waste is invading the recycling systems of other countries, causing serious damage to their citizens and the environment.

New evidence from Greenpeace on the illegal dumping and burning of UK plastic waste in Turkey proves it. Turkey is the latest country to ban the import of most plastic waste, and the ban went into effect on July 2, 2021.

The UK government must urgently ban exports to other countries, including OECD members, to end the dumping of plastic waste for recycling.

The UK government must dramatically reduce the amount of plastic produced. The 50% reduction in single-use plastics by 2025 allows the UK to end waste exports, so less plastic goes to incineration and landfill.

The government must commit to a goal of reducing single-use plastic by 50% by 2025, with a clear plan to deliver it.

We need urgent action, not talk, to end the plastic crisis. Will you sign the member’s pledge to end plastic pollution and write to the Secretary of the Environment?

Jeannette Schael, Crookham Close, Tadley

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