Letters to the Editor: October 23


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Leave no one behind

Canada must do more to tackle the climate emergency.


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must finally deliver on his 2019 promise to put in place a just transition law that leaves no one behind.

Canada must move away from fossil fuels. But we can only do that if we make sure that the workers and communities that depend on fossil fuel jobs are not left behind in the transition. A just transition law can do this by providing programs to protect people.

This law must put people first. It means putting support and money into communities and the public good, not handing billions over to large, massively profitable oil companies. And that means ensuring that indigenous and rural communities, most affected by the climate crisis, get the help they need.

A just transition law must also guarantee good green union jobs. This means that everyone affected by the transition is guaranteed a job, and our federal government takes responsibility for making this happen.


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Together, we can face the climate emergency. It starts with a real law of just transition.

Lisa Carriere, London

Defend the military or risk defending yourself

We are veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces with a total of 56 years of service. The problem, in our view, is the perception of political correctness as perceived by the average Canadian, and how this applies to military personnel and the difficult training they must endure, essential to their own survival.

Clearly, any serious misconduct in our military must be addressed. However, the present case against Major-General. Dany Fortin of 30 years ago and who, it seems, has not even had the opportunity to defend himself, feels political opportunism.


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The brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces are trained and ready to fight where political correctness does not exist and are committed to defending with their lives the right of the average Canadian to express the opinion of their choice.

Numerous media reports have commented on the “staggering” collapse of the Afghan armed forces against the Taliban. Incredible in the sense that NATO countries have spent billions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of their young men and women in order to train and equip an efficient and capable Afghan army. Canada alone has lost 158 ​​brave members of the Canadian Armed Forces. In total, Canada has sent 40,000 members of the Armed Forces to Afghanistan over the years. many of whom still have not recovered.


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It now appears that when the Taliban appeared, the Afghan military threw down their weapons and fled. Apparently, they did not even have the sense to destroy the weapons and equipment supplied by NATO so that they did not fall into the hands of adversaries.

Who exactly are the allies who were betrayed in this scenario? Interestingly, Canada is now accused of failing to put evacuation measures in place quickly enough. With all the modern American military resources, the Taliban are probably better equipped than the Canadian Armed Forces. In addition to this desertion from the Afghan army, we now have, according to the media, thousands of young Afghans who are trying to flee their country and come to Canada.

If the Afghan army, aided by multitudes of fleeing young men, had resisted the Taliban, the concern over those who aided NATO forces and the horrific victimization of women and girls would likely not be no longer a problem. The assistants, because of their strong involvement in military operations and intelligence, would have been invaluable assets for a competent Afghan military defense force.


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If Canadian society and our politicians insist on pretending that those who deserted their country, their wives and their children are somehow underprivileged heroes, and that the cream of our Canadian military is expendable so that politically correct opinions are unleashed, so we respectfully suggest that Canadians had better study their foreign languages.

Who would you expect to protect you and your family when the Taliban or their ilk arrive on Canadian soil, if they don’t already?

How can we expect our young women and men to join the Canadian Armed Forces and commit to sacrifice their lives if called upon by the ungrateful and reluctant?

Major GG Mardling, CD (retired), Chatham, CWO LB Harding, CD (retired), Chatham, and Lt. GA Eagleson, CD (retired), Ridgetown


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Choose science

I am a second cancer patient who needs targeted therapy to keep my cancer at bay, compromising my immune system to the point that I need a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

I’ve read reviews from pro-choice communities and find it interesting that this is the hill they want to wobble on. I have yet to hear any real debate other than “I am not responsible for what my face does when you speak.”

Due to health concerns associated with second-hand smoke, the law prohibits smoking in public indoors anywhere. So now smokers can breathe but don’t run the risk of hurting someone else.

Reckless behavior and risky sports do not cause a pandemic or put anyone other than the participant at risk. Science has developed and continues to develop better safety equipment to reduce damage.


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Those who don’t eat well or exercise, while putting a strain on the health care system, are not putting anyone else at risk.

Those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine (and don’t appear to be directly affected by the loss of a loved one) are the ones who perpetuate the spread and longevity of the pandemic and put everyone they come in contact with at risk. .

No one I know likes to get stung, but because anti-vaccines choose this scientific fact to stand firm against, I need to get another jab to protect myself and lower my chances of contracting COVID.

Every advancement in the world, whether medical, technological or environmental, has been based on science.

Let’s continue the conversation.

Barb Gauntlett, London

Looming misfortunes plead in favor of a new facility

London’s SoHo neighborhood: home to some of London’s most vulnerable, the homeless.


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It is a tragic scene made up of individuals facing obstacles in life, from mental illnesses to drug addiction and every socio-economic problem imaginable. Predatory drug traffickers add to their miseries.

Add to that a plan to reduce the capacity of emergency shelters by up to 50%.

As a result, SoHo will soon become a poisonous drink of danger.

The looming situation presents a strong case to open a facility equivalent to the old London Psychiatric Hospital.

Here we could ensure that qualified doctors and psychiatric nurses treat and rehabilitate our most vulnerable people who currently roam our streets without proper housing, care or treatment.

It is not a realistic expectation for the police, the EMS service or the Salvation Army to deal with the intensity of these social problems.


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If London were to take a strong and planned approach to improving psychiatric health services, there would be a lot to be gained.

We need to let trained professionals help people with mental health and addiction issues. The police, the EMS services and the fire brigade would then be better able to concentrate on their usual tasks.

And the Salvation Army could focus more on caring for the poor and disadvantaged.

Ted Marshall, London

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