Letters to the Editor: The Flying Misfortunes of Sudhaa Chandran


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Posted on 10.26.21, 02:22 AM

Soft touch

Mister – Actress and dancer Sudhaa Chandran has revealed that whenever she has to board a flight, she is asked to remove her prosthetic leg during security checks. It violates the dignity of the individual. Would the Central Industrial Security Force have apologized if Chandran, a public figure, had not appealed to the Prime Minister to look into the matter? It’s no secret that people with disabilities are regularly harassed in the name of safety protocols. Unless staff are trained to perform minimally invasive security checks, such incidents will recur.

Anamika Saha,


Sir – A secret online school has reportedly been launched in Afghanistan by charity LEARN Afghanistan for girls over 12 who have been banned from returning to class by the conservative Taliban government. The efforts of the charity are to be commended.

Since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, severe restrictions on women’s access to education and work have been imposed. School is a beacon of hope for female students, but as long as the Taliban is in power, the situation is unlikely to improve for women.

Kiran Agarwal,

Old habits

Sir – It is amazing that a significant number of people are, once again, on the streets without masks as Covid-19 cases rise following Durga Puja (“Covid cases rise, masks fall », October 24). Last month, when I drove to the Maithon Dam, I saw that most of the residents of Asansol town did not wear masks and mingled with groups carelessly. It is difficult to understand the rationale for this as a large number of fully vaccinated people test positive for Covid. People must continue to strictly follow
prescribed security measures for the benefit of their loved ones.

Ashok Kumar Ghosh,

Sir – We all knew that Covid-19 cases would increase once the holiday season is over – this had also been the case last year. It is alarming that people continue to be so irresponsible. Mutant strains of the coronavirus have struck several countries where many fully vaccinated individuals have succumbed to the disease. It must be recognized that inoculation is not a guarantee against the onslaught of the disease. We will need to continue to adhere to the Covid-19 protocols for the foreseeable future.

Melville X. D’Souza,

Winning streak

Mister – India won the South Asian Football Federation championship for the eighth time, beating Nepal 3-0. Sunil Chhetri, Suresh Singh and Sahal Abdul Samad each scored a goal that put the team on the path to victory. The efforts and constant performance of the Indian soccer team are to be appreciated.

Anushka Jaiswal,

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