Likely long legal battle as governor DeSantis, school districts back down on masks – CBS Miami



MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade County Public Schools face a ruling, overturn the mask’s tenure, or face similar financial sanctions from the state like their neighbors in Broward.

Joan Murray of CBS4 spoke with Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

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CBS4 received a copy of the letter the superintendent sent with the president of the school board.

In it, they say the school district has a compelling interest in controlling a deadly communicable disease, but it appears neither state education commissioner nor Governor Ron DeSantis is backing down.

“We absolutely met the deadline,” Carvalho said. They sent a letter to the education commissioner explaining why they issued a mask warrant for schools and ignored a state order to make masks optional.

“We believe that the actions of this council comply with both constitutional provisions and state law,” Carvalho said. “I guarantee – by ensuring a safe, secure and healthy environment for both our students and the workforce.”

The education commissioner told members of the Miami-Dade school board that they risk losing their pay, much like what happens in Broward.

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Miami-Dade School Board Vice President Dr. Steve Gallon says they’re ready to fight: “When you juxtapose a financial penalty against your obligation under the Constitution of the United States and, quite frankly , your obligation as a member of humanity and one who has some concern, compassion and commitment to children is a non-negotiable one for us. “

On top of that, even though the judge ruled on Friday in a lawsuit filed by pro-mask parents, it is legal for school districts to make masks mandatory, the order has yet to be filed, it hasn’t therefore had no impact and Governor DeSantis promises a challenge.

State Attorney General Ashley Moody this afternoon released a statement in which he certainly agrees with the governor, saying that any district with a mask warrant is essentially breaking the law.

So there is a long way to go in this legal battle.

Meanwhile, Miami-Dade and Broward have both said they will periodically pick up on the mask issue.

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If the numbers start to drop, they may consider changing the mask’s tenure in those two school districts.


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