MCD Polls: BJP releases ‘Wachan Patra’, promises houses for slum dwellers

Ahead of the MCD polls, Delhi’s BJP issued a ‘Wachan Patra’ on Thursday pledging to provide EWS flats with all amenities to all slum dwellers in the city.

Municipal elections in Delhi will be held on December 4 and votes will be counted on December 7.

The ‘Wachan Patra’ (Letter of Commitment) issued by Delhi BJP Chairman Adesh Gupta, MP Manoj Tiwari and MCD Poll Management Committee Head Ashish Sood carried the photos of newly awarded flats to slum dwellers in Kalkaji.

“It is the promise of the BJP to provide every slum dweller of Delhi with such flats with all the amenities enjoyed by the Crorepati living in the settlements of the society,” Gupta said.

He said workers and party leaders will go to every slum in the city and have slum dwellers fill out forms for apartments.

The Prime Minister had handed over the keys to the EWS flats to the beneficiaries of Bhoomiheen Camp slum in a ceremony held at Vigyan Bhawan.

Kejriwal’s government has never tried to improve the living conditions of slum dwellers but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proven his concern for the poor by providing them with good quality apartments with all amenities, Gupta said .

“The BJP is committed to providing good quality flats like the ones that have been built in Kalkaji to all slum dwellers in line with Jahan Jhuggi Wahin Makan’s scheme,” he said.

The 3,024 apartments were built by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) as part of its in situ slum upgrading project. The BJP had also organized tours for slum dwellers from different parts of the city to see Kalkaji flats for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category.

The ‘Wachan Patra’ has a form which it will fill out and BJP workers will submit it to relevant departments and slum dwellers will get houses, said MP for North East Delhi, Manoj Tiwari.

Tiwari said the Delhi Chief Minister was going to announce the AAP’s 10 pledges to the people ahead of the MCD elections and wondered what happened to the party’s previous poll pledges.

“One of the promises of the AAP was to make Delhi litter-free, but Kejriwal’s government failed to provide funds to municipal corporations and stopped them from working,” Tiwari said.

Delhi BJP is committed to providing Pucca houses (apartments) to people living in slums in the same location, Sood said.

“It’s not just a guarantee or a promise because it was done by the Prime Minister and 3024 flats have been provided to slum dwellers. Likewise, we will provide such good quality flats,” he said. declared.

Gupta said that the Modi government keeps its promises to the people while the Kejriwal government uses the people as a vote bank by offering them “false” assurances.

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