Meat shops ‘directive’: Delhi Minorities Commission issues notice to mayors of three MCDs

The Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) on Thursday issued show cause notices to the mayors and commissioners of the three municipal corporations demanding an explanation of the “order” to close meat shops during Navratri.

On Monday, South MCD Mayor Mukesh Suryan had sent a letter to the Civic Corps Commissioner with instructions for all meat shops to be closed. East MCD Mayor Shyam Sundar Agarwal had also made a similar appeal.

Seeking a report within 24 hours, DMC Chairman Zakir Khan asked mayors and commissioners to appear before him on Friday. In the opinion, the commission said that “…such a proclamation may also incite and encourage hoggish behavior in the field. Higher authorities and the courts should step in and put a stop to such behavior.”

Suryan said the commission is not allowed to call or request a report from a mayor. “They can ask the executive but not a mayor.”

When asked if the instructions he issued would be implemented by officials, Suryan said the executive is currently reviewing the legality of the provisions. “I stand by what I said in the letter and, if necessary, we will bring a resolution home to make it a rule.”

Director of Press and Information, South MCD, said the department had received the mayor’s letter and it was being reviewed.

Agarwal said he did not issue any orders but appealed to shops to close during Navratri.

The notice issued by the commission further stated that “reports have also observed that the mayor is acting as a law unto himself” and “what he calls violates the fundamental freedom (sic) guaranteed in the constitution”. “Observing this, we hereby request you to immediately explain on what rule and regulation you have decided to close the meat shop during Navratri,” he said.

“The commission therefore demands that you urgently file your report on the status of the aforementioned complaint with all necessary attachments in support of your assertions, submit a detailed report and appear in person before the president of the Delhi Minority Commission before April 8,” the notice read.

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