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MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A Miami Beach resident faces serious charges after, according to police, he confessed to assaulting a tourist at a local hotel, and other women have also filed complaints against him.

Miami Beach police arrested Marwan Habib, 32, at his home along Washington Avenue on Thursday.

Detectives said Habib targeted a woman who was visiting South Beach from Kansas City in November.

On Friday morning, he appeared before Miami-Dade circuit judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez. He faces burglary charges with bodily harm.

Investigators said Habib robbed the victim’s room at the Victor Hotel on Ocean Drive.

According to the arrest report, the suspect “saw the accused at the foot of her bed, jumped on her and started kissing and touching her.”

The arrest form further states that Habib met the woman earlier that night, but showed up to her hotel room without permission.

Police said the victim eventually made him leave.

Shortly after, according to the police report, the woman called the hotel management and asked how Habib was able to access her room.

The police report states that “hotel staff informed the victim that the accused had his information and that he even had a woman on the phone pretending to be her, so he was given a key thinking it was it was she who had granted him access. “

Detectives said Habib confessed to the crime, but this is far from the only alarming allegation he faces.

Miami Beach Police said their department’s criminal investigations division had received various complaints from different women who reported the accused’s strange and disturbing behavior.

The police report said the accused is known to “pursue women for having sex or dating, even after repeatedly advising them to stop doing so.”

Daniella Morgan is one of the women who filed a report.

When asked if she left her Miami Beach apartment out of fear of the suspect, Morgan replied, “Yes. “

Morgan said she was Habib’s neighbor at the Octagon building on Washington Avenue. She said she filed a harassment complaint, adding that she was far from the only one.

“Very awful thing, harassing several women,” she said.

Another neighbor spoke on the phone to 7News about Habib.

“Every time he walked into the building, I was super aware that this guy lives here, so I was scared… [he is] very insistent, was harassing, ”she said.

No one opened the door to Habib’s apartment on Friday when a 7News crew knocked on the door.

Articles about Habib have been posted online along with petitions from women with similar complaints in her homeland of Lebanon.

During his bail hearing, Tinkler Mendez ordered him to stay away from the Victor South Beach Hotel.

“Very good. OK, ma’am,” Habib said.

The suspect asked the judge if he would be released on bail.

“Can I pay the guarantee now and go home or not?” ” he said.

“You’re not going home today, sir,” she replied.

“All right, whatever you like, judge,” he said.

He remains locked up without bail due to an immigration wait.

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