More people means tighter accommodations – Eugene Weekly

Humans are spreading, migrating and populating the planet in unsustainable ways, which is what created HB 2001.

Anyone awake knows that the housing market crashes as prices go up, whether to own or rent. Nationally, the haves live locally while the have-nots who serve them are forced to live/drive from the periphery, adding to the man-made climate catastrophe. And it only gets worse.

Those who smugly campaign to build elsewhere feel empowered, as if they are safe from the circumstances they helped create. They are deceived as if they have a money back guarantee if life cuckolds them with a karmic dose of unrequited love.

Back to reality: life can suck, it is constantly changing and uncontrolled growth is killing us and the flora and fauna of the planet.

All of this raises a question: why are Americans so selfish? David Graeber and David Wengrow The dawn of everything is a great answer.

Europeans have lived tightly packed in comfortable, adjoining living spaces in narrow cobbled lanes for hundreds and hundreds of years. Walk to markets with baskets, not bags. You know the places Americans swoon when visiting Rick Steves’ Europe? Similarly, San Francisco has very modestly sized parkways in the Sunset District, with their granite entrances and compact stone backyards. Very pleasant to live with a European sensibility.

Survival of the fittest has not favored intelligence, it has favored diversity; and to constantly adapt to the immediate environment. Evolution demands that one adapt to the inevitable changes or be left behind. The same goes for any delusions of grandeur.

Sean Doyle


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