NFF must pay me 157 million naira with interest – Rohr

… after the NFF violated FIFA’s 45-day ultimatum

Former Super Eagles manager Gernot Rohr told exclusively PUNCH Sports Extra that the Football Association of Nigeria should pay him his unpaid salary with interest along with the current dollar rate following their delay in payment.

The Franco-German was sacked as Eagles gaffer last December following a string of disappointing performances from the three-time African champions.

Despite action by the NFF to pay his salary until the end of his contract, which should have expired in December, Rohr, the Eagles’ longest-serving manager, took the matter to the world football body FIFA, demanding an additional £1m for breach of contract. “without cause”, but FIFA instead approved $377,879.46 (155 million naira as of December 2021 and 157 million naira at the current official dollar to naira rate).

A May ruling by FIFA’s Players’ Status Chamber ordered the NFF to pay the money to Rohr within 45 days after he abruptly terminated his contract, adding that FIFA’s football governing body country would be sanctioned if Rohr was not paid in full within 45 days.

“If full payment (including any applicable interest) is not made within 45 days of notification of this decision, the defendant (the NFF) will be placed on a restriction on receiving a percentage of the funding from the development, until the amounts due are paid,” said FIFA’s decision.

However, 85 days after FIFA’s decision, the former Bordeaux manager told PUNCH Sports Extra that he has yet to receive payment from the NFF.

Talk with PUNCH Sports Extra, Rohr said: “Since FIFA’s judgment they (NFF) haven’t paid anything.

“FIFA has paid me part of the amount it owes me which is normally (from) part of the development budget it pays to African federations.

“My lawyer has reminded them, FIFA and the NFF that interest has to be paid. The dollar amount will increase over time and that’s the law.

When asked if he would take the NFF to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the gaffer added: “No, because normally FIFA gives a guarantee of payment.”

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