Northern Ireland’s cheapest electricity tariff revealed as government program to cut energy bills comes into effect

An updated price comparison table, published by the Consumer Council of Northern Ireland, shows that electricity prices can vary widely between the myriad of tariffs and discounts offered by the five suppliers – with some customers being likely to pay more than double what others will pay for the same usage. . From Tuesday, the UK government is stepping in to limit how much companies can charge ordinary consumers for each unit of energy. Businesses can still charge above the price cap, but the difference between the actual business rate and the bills ordinary consumers will see is now paid for by the state to help households get through the winter.

The price comparison table published by the Consumer Council of Northern Ireland on Tuesday shows that the cheapest electricity, from November 1, is now offered by Electric Ireland with its ‘Simpler Living Discount’ which involves a levy monthly and electronic, rather than postal, billing. For a household using 3,200kWh per year, the annual cost under this reduced Electric Ireland tariff would be £432 – a figure which includes a 10% discount for online billing and a £100 bonus for registration. The package does, however, include a £40 exit penalty for switching to another provider within 12 months. use.

Peter McClenaghan, Director of Infrastructure and Sustainability at the Consumer Council, said: “Consumers in Northern Ireland will welcome the Energy Price Guarantee as it will reduce their electricity and gas bills.

Electricity costs

“The scheme will apply a discount on the unit prices of electricity and gas and all suppliers will apply the same discount. This means that prices from some energy suppliers will always be much higher than others, so we encourage consumers to consider switching suppliers or tariffs as some households could see savings of over £500. »

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