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patriotic thing to do

There are many things each of us Americans can do to help Ukrainians, while helping ourselves at the same time.

The Russian war machine is currently devastating Ukraine and murdering its civilians. Much of the funding that sustains the Russian military comes from their sale of oil and natural gas to the West. President Biden has already blocked the import of Russian oil and gas.

Beyond that, anything we Americans can do to lower the price of crude oil and natural gas will reduce the revenue Russia derives from exporting these products to other countries.

The way we can lower the price of oil is to increase supply and reduce demand. With crude oil prices well above $100 a barrel, I imagine Texas oil producers are already racing to get all the idle rigs back to work. Producing more oil domestically will obviously increase supply.

What all American patriots can do is reduce our energy consumption. It will also lower oil prices. How can we do it? On cold days and nights, turn your thermostat down an extra degree or two from where you normally set it. If you have south-facing windows, open the blinds or curtains during the day to let the sun in and help warm the house. Close all window coverings at night to protect yourself from the cold. (On hot days, close window coverings to keep excess heat out.) Try to reduce the amount of gas you use by combining trips, eliminating unnecessary trips, and carpooling when you can.

By lowering oil and gas prices, we will help starve the Russian war machine. For lovers of freedom and democracy, this is the patriotic thing to do.


west fork

The reason in their hands

Monday’s newspaper had a story about rising road deaths, and those quoted said they had no explanation for any of it beyond speeding and drunk driving.

I believe the answer is that they play with their phones.

Every day I see people zigzagging, speeding up and slowing down, standing still when the light turns green, and almost every time I see them on their phones. I can go down the freeway at the speed limit and people pass me like I’m standing still and I’m watching and one hand is on the wheel (except those who steer with their knees) and the other is holding their phone.

I don’t know why so many people can’t seem to go five minutes without watching or tapping on their phones. And they all think they’re smart enough to text and drive at the same time, but I guarantee most of them aren’t, and they prove it by the way they drive.


White room

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