October is Santa Maria Shelter Dog Adoption Month! Meet Potential Furever Friends | Local News


Birthday Cake, S’mores, Dark Chocolate … there are so many different types of Oreos, but I think my edition is the best yet: Cold Wet Nose !! Yes, I am Oreo. Now some of my fans say the best part about this Oreo is my smart side!

I look at things like a puzzle and love to use my wits to figure them out. For example, I am an amazing training partner! Our dog trainers are constantly amazed at how quickly I recover things. They helped me figure out what people want (and they really want a LOT of things!) And what they don’t really want (like jumping in the face).

Of course, my sweet side also has its big fans. I’m really looking to connect with you and befriend you. First of all, I’ll start by looking at you lovingly with my soft brown eyes. Then I’ll lean against you and make you feel like the only person in the world! Finally, I will sit by your side and be right there for you, through the good and the tough.

Smart side, soft side ~~ you will get all the shebang! I’m a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, so I’ve been at the Santa Maria campus for over a month. And that means you’ll get all kinds of special bonuses, like a free training course with a certified dog trainer in Santa Barbara Humane, plus free supplies like a harness, collar, and leash. And my adoption fees are even waived!

I am already sterilized, up to date with my vaccines and microchipped. Plus, you’ll get a free bag of Purina food with my adoption and a free vet exam at participating vet offices. I’m only 10 months old so I’m going to get even bigger and stronger.

I will probably be better with bigger kids ~~ sometimes I forget how big and strong I am! If you would like to see me, just email [email protected] Come and get the only Oreo Cold Wet Nose Edition on the market!

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