Paid in full for the land of the house in 2016, but still pending the ownership document

Mr. Editor,

I must express my disappointment vis-à-vis the Ministry of Housing, their pace of work and their incompetence. I was allocated land under the Zeeburg / DeWillem housing program in 2015. I paid for it in full in 2016. After a lot of research and shopping, I received the sales contract in 2019. J am planning to move into my own home as soon as possible I went to the New Building Society (NBS) to apply for a home loan that year. I was excited when I was told the mortgage would be approved within a month. However, approval required the issuance of a letter of assurance from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA). A letter was sent by NBS to CHPA on August 13, 2019 requesting the letter of assurance. I have a copy. A letter of assurance to the bank states that whenever the ownership document is available, it will be returned to the bank.

During the period 2019-2021, I made at least 6 visits to the housing office in Georgetown. In addition to that, I made numerous phone calls. Finally, on February 17, 2021, I met Minister Susan Rodrigues. She told me that the problem would be solved in a few months. I visited the CH&PA again on March 17, 2021 but no progress has been linked to me on the matter. I called CH&PA back on November 23, 2021 but again, no positive response was given regarding the issue. It is almost the end of the year and it is discouraging that after 5 years of full payment of a real estate lot by the government (PPP / C and APNU / AFC) one cannot have any assurance that he / she will never be in possession of the ticket or the transport. This is an extremely desperate situation for the beneficiaries of the housing units of the Zeeburg / DeWillem Housing Scheme. If CH&PA cannot assure the banks of the availability of title or transport at any time in the future, then it is reasonable to assume that beneficiaries may die without ever acquiring ownership of the land for which they toil and sweat.

After paying in full, we were given documents that were and are completely unnecessary for the banks. Whenever I contact senior officials of CH&PA, I am told that nothing is being done for Zeeburg / DeWillem Scheme. Every time I hear that, it’s like a hit in the guts. Each time, I feel the agonizing pain of having to pay rent for a year and a year more. It is heartbreaking and appalling that the government treats its young professionals in this way and expects to curb the brain drain. I suggest that if the government cannot issue property documents to beneficiaries in a timely manner, then it should expand contract house construction to those who wish under the Zeeburg / DeWillem housing program. Another suggestion is that the CH&PA provide the construction materials as listed in the construction specifications of the beneficiaries. The government can also vouch for beneficiaries at the bank so that their loans can be approved and they can start building their homes so that their “dreams can come true”.

Finally, I suggest that the CH&PA simply issue the letter of assurance to the banks until they have resolved the internal issues to grant the land titles. With the rising cost of building materials, the high cost of rent and living in Guyana, it is impossible to save and build. It should be noted that the current President, Irfaan Ali, was the Minister of Housing at the time of the allocation of the lots; Given that he now holds the highest office in the country, I plead that he is using his power to right this injustice inflicted on recipients of the Zeeburg / DeWillem housing program. We have been neglected for too long. If they can’t fix this in the next few months, then in my analysis they’re just as incompetent as previous governments, and Guyana would have been a better country under British rule.


B. Persaud

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