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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ParcelPal Logistics Inc. (the “Company” or “ParcelPal”), (OTC: PTNYF) (CSE: PKG) (FSE: PT0) is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement for its first warehouse in the Vancouver area to help it continue to grow.

As part of the Company’s continued expansion and growth plan, the Company has signed a lease for a large warehouse (5,083 square feet) in Coquitlam. This will allow us to respond to many of the new customer agreements more efficiently and cost effectively. It will also have the added benefit of allowing us to grow and scale faster. With our additional warehousing and delivery capabilities, this will allow us to serve the larger customers who have approached us in recent months. Additionally, given the anticipated increase in online delivery needs and expanding business opportunities in the second half of the year, we may need an additional, larger warehouse in one of our other major cities in which we operate, which many factors and considerations in the normal course of an operating business; however, we will provide a future update if and when we run this second warehouse.

CEO Rich Wheeless said, “I am not only happy with the new customers we welcome all the time, but also very happy to have our first warehouse to better serve our larger customers. This has been an important goal for me because not only do I think warehousing is a major growth area in the logistics space, but it marks a major growth milestone for the company. It will also help us have higher margins and be more efficient in planning and executing our routes. We have put in place important pieces of our business puzzle so that we can continue to be an increasingly reliable leader in this area. “

The Company looks forward to providing other important updates in the days and weeks to come.

About ParcelPal Logistique Inc.

ParcelPal is a Vancouver, BC-based company specializing in last mile delivery service and logistics solutions. We’re a customer-focused courier and logistics company that connects people and businesses through our courier network in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and soon to other major cities across Canada. Some of our verticals include Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Meal Kit Delivery, Retail, Grocery and more.

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