Pentland tenants have the option to vote on the move to Cairn when the formal ballot opens


Pentland tenants have the option to vote on the move to Cairn when the formal ballot opens

The formal ballot for Pentland tenants to decide if they want to move Cairn Housing Association is now open.

Talks between the two organizations resumed late last year after a break in proceedings imposed by Covid at the start of the first lockdown.

If tenants vote in favor of the proposals, Pentland’s housing and services will be transferred to the Cairn Housing Association, ensuring an additional investment in tenant housing, as well as a guarantee of affordable rent and continued local services from a combined Cairn and Pentland team in Thurso.

An extensive public consultation exercise was carried out over the summer with representatives from Pentland and Cairn speaking to tenants on their doorstep and finding a strong majority indicating they are in favor of the proposed transfer.

Pentland and Cairn have promised that the move will bring significant benefits to tenants, including:

  • Cairn will freeze rents in the first year of the transfer and provide an affordable rent guarantee for the following four years, with lower rent increases than offered by a standalone Pentland
  • Cairn to invest £ 6,300,000 in Pentland homes and communities over the next five years, with hundreds of new kitchens and other home improvements guaranteed
  • Local services will continue for a new combined Cairn and Pentland team, with new options to get in touch online. Current Pentland staff will be protected and moved to Cairn
  • Cairn will provide financial security and opportunities for new services to Pentland tenants by being part of the larger Cairn Housing group.

Jim Hair, President of the Pentland Housing Association, said: “The Pentland Board of Directors is united in urging our tenants to vote ‘yes’ on this transfer to the Cairn Housing Association. It is important that each tenant takes this opportunity to have their votes counted. Our transfer proposals will ensure lower rent increases while dramatically increasing the money available for home improvement, all provided by a new combined Cairn and Pentland team. This is a great offer that will benefit all Pentland tenants.

Don Jamieson, President of the Cairn Housing Association, said: “Cairn is a forward-thinking housing association that, like Pentland, is committed to providing superb accommodations and services to our tenants. From our very first conversations with the Pentland team, it became evident that this was a great opportunity to join forces and extend our services to tenants in Caithness and North Sutherland. We look forward to meeting with tenants and working with them to deliver on transfer promises. “

Participants will be able to vote by mail, phone, SMS or online. Voting ends on November 2.

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