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Warrenville, SC: After seeing that President Biden’s approval rating was 39%, I have to wonder who these supporters are. No one in their right mind would appreciate a rotten economy, weakness on the world stage, or being lied to on a daily basis. When Biden ran for president, he said he would unite us. It was an outright lie. His latest statement that the GOP is an “existential threat” should tell everyone he’s talking about the half of the country that voted for Donald Trump.

I have never seen a more incompetent and power-crazed president than Biden, who refuses to take responsibility for his ill-conceived actions. He blames Russia for rising gas and food prices. He closed the Keystone XL pipeline in our country, allowing Russia to open its own abroad. He has allowed infant formula to be in short supply throughout our country, except for shelves full of infant formula at the border for illegal immigrants who infiltrate our country. Nor does he take responsibility for shootings in liberal states that refuse to enforce the law, turning our country into a war zone.

I don’t think that’s what all Democrats want. If liberal socialists think they can get away with tearing down what took over 200 years to build, they are sadly mistaken. I’ll be the first to admit that I take it personally when I watch the country I fought for in Vietnam (100% disabled due to war wounds) fall apart. I’d rather fight than change. Gregory J. Topliff

Ormond Beach, Florida: What’s Happening in the United States? Certainly, the damage wrought by President Biden’s policies, decisions, and staff incompetence affects everyone, liberals and conservatives. Many of us on both sides of the political spectrum predicted that an administration led by the radical far left of the Democratic Party would result in open borders, high inflation, increased crime, and more polarization and of dividing. Many thought President Biden would do a better job of bringing us together. Yet we see the same abusive, stereotypical, and insulting remarks that we have seen from Hillary Clinton with her “basket of deplorables” and Barack Obama and his right-wing stereotypes clinging to the Bible and guns. fire. It’s hard to believe that a fully functioning Joe Biden who controls and acts like the generally moderate person he has been for most of his career would create that kind of resentment. Charles Michel Sitero

Oak Ridge, NJ: So for the past few months we have been struggling to find food for our pets – now we can’t even get food for a baby. Really? Can we all just shake our ass off, stop complaining (except me, who works, and my awesome Daily News delivery boy) and go to fucking work already? Stock market crash, diesel over $6 a gallon on the east coast – which by the way requires less refining than gasoline so I’m confused about that – so any shipping via anything from diesel costs more money; our president “releases” a stock of “hidden gas” that’s good for one day last month – huh, what? ! Free COVID test kits in the mail should have been free weed so we could all feel better. The saying is that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well, I’m freaking out Charles Atlas right now. Come on, Joe, pull yourself together. James Heimbuch

Forest Hills: Verizon will increase its (our) rates. Why? On every channel, network, or cable, at least every 10 minutes if not sooner, there are more commercials than programming, meaning advertisers pay the cable companies and customers pay the cable companies (double pay). I would ask the FCC (Forget Consumers Completely) to intervene, but they get a slice of the pie when you pay your phone bill. Another agency that does nothing. Thus, the shareholders will not earn as much money. Shame. Sherri Rosen

San Francisco: Re “Composer Vangelis, famed for ‘Chariots of Fire’ soundtrack, dead at 79” (May 19): If ever there was an example of a film winning the Best Picture Oscar primarily because of the musical score accompanying its opening sequence, “Chariots of Fire” was thanks to Vangelis’ iconic title track. Vangelis won the Oscar for Best Original Score that year, beating John Williams’ theme to Randy Newman’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Ragtime.” Prior to “Chariots”, Vangelis’ music was used in the PBS series “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan. Stephen A. Silver

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Brooklyn: Often people talk too much and want to talk less. One way is to cover your mouth with duct tape. It can help you talk a lot less and have a more peaceful and harmonious home and therefore be happier and more productive. Shlomo Klein

Flushing: Aaron Judge “bets” on himself, does not take the salary offered to him by the Yankees and he has a great year. Francisco Lindor vs. Stevie Cohen saying he won’t negotiate any contracts once last season starts. Cohen, a shrewd businessman, takes the bait and pays him over $300 million over 10 years. Sorry, Stevie, but you got screwed! Ben Jordan

Irvington, NY: Re “Get the Kids Vaccinated” (Editorial, May 15): Seems like this needs a bit more context: “At its peak, measles killed about 500 Americans a year.” According to the CDC, “In 1912, measles became a reportable disease in the United States, requiring American health care providers and laboratories to report all diagnosed cases. During the first decade of reporting, an average of 6,000 measles-related deaths were reported each year. In the decade before 1963, when a vaccine became available, almost all children caught measles before the age of 15. It is estimated that 3 to 4 million people in the United States have been infected each year. Additionally, each year, of the reported cases, an estimated 400-500 people died, 48,000 were hospitalized and 1,000 suffered encephalitis (swelling of the brain) due to measles. Christine McKenna

Hazlet, NJ: Regarding the May 19 crossword puzzle: Caprice = Caprice. Sponge = Cadge (Cadge??). What is the New York Times? Lol. I love a challenge but cadge!? The puzzles are fun. Keep pushing us (I guess). Deb Lober

Oceanside, LI: After the recent supermarket shooting in Buffalo, politicians calling for more gun control laws are bs, especially with new 3D printed guns, nowhere to be found. What needs to be done is to forcefully apply the laws in force and, above all, to set an example of what can happen if you are caught with a firearm during a crime. This person should be imprisoned immediately – without bail – until their trial, and if found guilty, their sentence should be so severe (perhaps bringing back the death penalty) that it would send a clear message to anyone considering commit a similar offence. A guarantee of the same punishment should be shouted loud and clear so that future culprits may think twice before committing the crime. John F. Rossano

Richmond, Va.: The sick teenager who committed the horrific crime in the 10-person shooting in Buffalo will go to trial, likely have a court-appointed attorney who will likely plead insanity on his behalf, and he will be found guilty and life sentence. There he will have room and board and medical care – all free, paid for by the taxpayers, but he will still be alive and breathing, not like the people he killed. I would say that he, being alive, is a lucky young man. If this crime had been committed in the 1800s, he would have been hung by the neck, not breathing, like the people he killed. Marty Goodman

Staten Island: I agree with Voicer John Ray about “your body, your choice.” The ladies of “The View” say “your body, your choice” about abortion, but they sang a different tune about vaccinations! Wouldn’t listen to “my body, my choice”. But again, they are always right! Maria Saporito

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