Scream 2022 video reveals first glimpse of David Arquette’s Dewey return


A video promoting Scream 2022 gives a first look at David Arquette’s return as Dewey and reveals that fans can rent the original home on Airbnb.

David Arquette returns to Woodsboro in a special Scream video, showing the first glimpse of Deputy Dewey Riley’s return. The next film in the long-running franchise, also titled Scream, will soon arrive in theaters on January 14, 2022. The film will feature newcomers to the series Melissa Barrera (In the heights), Jack Quaid (The boys), Mason Gooding (Booksmart), Dylan Minnette (13 reasons why), Jenna Ortega (You), Kyle Gallner (Freddy), Jasmin Savoie Brun (Leftovers) and Mikey Madison (Once upon a time … in Hollywood). Lead actors Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and Marley Shelton are back in the franchise.

David Arquette appeared in each Scream film, starting with the first in 1996. He plays Dewey Riley, who was more of a supporting character in the original film. Tatum’s brother of Rose McGowan and a deputy in the police force, Dewey stammered ineffectively in office and was easily manipulated by Courteney Cox’s hardline reporter Gale Weathers, with whom he had a recurring relationship throughout. from the Serie. . When he was last seen in Scream 4, he had become the sheriff and was married to Gale, although their relationship was strained, with her feeling embarrassed by small town life.

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On his Twitter, David Arquette shared a video of Dewey returning to Woodsboro at the movie’s original home. Unfortunately, the clip is not an official footage from the new Scream, but rather a video promoting that the Woodsboro house from the original film is now available for rent on Airbnb. It includes Dewey sitting with a few Scream VHS tapes and unknowingly being threatened by Ghostface, both through a stained glass window and in the flesh. However, this is the first glimpse of Dewey in a decade, showing what the character looks like all those years later. Watch the video below:

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Scream 2022 was achieved by Ready or Notby Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. They team up with screenwriter Guy Busick, who is joined by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man). Original Scream Screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who also produces, helped them shape the story, though plot details for the upcoming film remain unknown.

Two generations grew up with the Scream franchise now, and a third is about to be featured in the movies. It is reassuring that all these viewers will have the common thread to be guided in the universe of the film slasher by the inimitable charm of David Arquette in this emblematic role. Dewey always had a hard time in the Scream movies, so there is no guarantee that it will survive the next episode. Whichever way her story shakes in the new Scream, although, it’s exciting to be able to see what the actor will look like in his place.

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  • Scream 5 (2022)Release Date: January 14, 2022

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