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Online shopping and payments have become the norm around the world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented many people from leaving their homes to shop. While this is an undeniably convenient process, it is not entirely risk-free. The more people depend on the Internet for their banking and payments, the more likely they are to fall victim to cybercrime.

According to the 2018 Uniform Crime Reporting Survey, Canadian police reported nearly 33,000 cybercrime incidents that year. This number represents a significant 12% increase from the 2017 survey and matches the growing number of Canadians who have reported being victims of cybercrime. According to the 2018 Canadian Internet Use Survey, nearly 60% of Internet users have experienced some form of cybersecurity incident.

As the use of the Internet becomes more and more accepted for everyday personal matters, such as paying bills or buying groceries, users should be aware of the potential crimes they might face and take action. measures to avoid them. Making sure payment methods are secure is an important step in the right direction.

Credit card

Credit cards are one of the safest ways to pay online. This is not because they prevent crime from happening, but because they provide consumers with a buffer between financial losses and their bank accounts. When using a credit card, the money spent does not immediately leave the financial institutions of the victims. Instead, the card issuer covers the services or cost of goods on their behalf, allowing customers to pay off debt with their regular credit card payments. This helps protect consumer accounts a bit more against identity theft or potential fraud, especially if the card issuer in question is proactive in identifying and mitigating inappropriate card use.

To pay securely online with a credit card, make sure the website hosting the transaction is secure. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look for a padlock symbol to the left of the address bar in the browser, although this does not guarantee that the site is 100% safe. Using a good VPN service to protect any personal information that might be transmitted in the process is always a good idea.

Debit cards

Another secure online payment option is a debit card. While funds are deducted from payers’ accounts immediately when using debit cards, transactions are also tracked. This provides users with a layer of security, as unauthorized use can be discovered and prevented as quickly as possible. Most debit cards also have “zero liability protection”. This type of security ensures that cardholders will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges. This allows the victims to avoid financial loss even if the cybercriminals collect their information.

Users can go further into paying securely with a debit card by using prepaid cards to pay the bill. The money is collected directly from their bank accounts via a one-time direct debit. If consumers charge $ 50 on the prepaid card for a specific payment, for example, the card can only pay for purchases of $ 50 or less. Funds are not automatically withdrawn from users’ bank accounts if the amount is exceeded. Instead, the transaction will fail, leaving bank accounts safe from potential damage.

Pay Pal

PayPal is a popular payment method that is currently accepted by approximately 22 million online merchants. It is an easy to use service and, when used appropriately, can be a secure payment method that protects consumers. Perhaps the safest option is to add money to PayPal accounts by visiting participating stores such as 7-Eleven and depositing money. As it is not connected to users’ bank accounts, their personal information will be protected in the event of fraudulent activity.

Even when users don’t take advantage of the ability to deposit money without connecting PayPal to personal bank accounts, the third-party payment provider can still be a safe choice. Since users must log into their PayPal account before making any transaction, they benefit from an enhanced level of security between their personal information and cybercriminals. For best results, use two-factor authentication to secure personal accounts.

Another strong point for consumers is PayPal’s purchase protection. If users do not receive the item they ordered, PayPal will reimburse the cost of most transactions. While not all purchases are covered by the protection plan, users can easily see if their payment is eligible before confirming it. The company also monitors user accounts for fraud, giving users greater peace of mind.


For the security-conscious consumer who is not happy with any of the previous options, cryptocurrency might be a good choice. There are many types of cryptocurrency, but the basics of payment remain the same regardless of the type of coin.

Firstly, users are protected against the risk of volatility as the cryptocurrency payment service converts funds into the currency of the user’s choice. It also serves as a buffer between the recipient and the payer when processing the cryptocurrency payment. This gives users an additional layer of security designed to protect their personal information. The service protects users in several ways, but perhaps the easiest is the security that protects cryptocurrency wallets.

Cybercriminals have to break through two different levels of defense before they can gain access to users’ money. Breaking their cryptocurrency wallets is no easy task. Even if they are successful, they will have to go through another round of security measures, in the form of banking regulations, before they can gain access to the bank accounts of potential victims. Cryptocurrency has gained popularity and acceptance, and today it can be used by a variety of online merchants, with some banks providing easy access to cryptocurrency funds directly from users’ bank accounts. The method can even be used for leisure activities such as online gambling.

Shopping online doesn’t have to be an inherently risky experience. Users should adhere to basic security standards while selecting a secure payment method to keep their information as secure as possible. Take a look at our choices above and shop with peace of mind!

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