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Citrus County Council of Commissioners is accepting applications for their Sewer Connection Incentive Grant program.

Grant applications will be accepted until funds are depleted or the program deadline of September 30, 2023 is met.

The program provides reimbursement of up to $ 4,000 per existing home to eligible homeowners in a FDEP pre-approved area to help with costs incurred to upgrade from an existing septic system and connect to the central sewer.

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Completed work must meet all applicable county codes and Florida Department of Health requirements. Eligible costs include the demolition of the septic tank, the plumbing of the house at the county right-of-way, and the on-site plumbing connection to the county’s sewage collection infrastructure.

Pre-applicants can be submitted online or delivered in person or by mail to 3600 W. Sovereign Path, Lecanto, FL 34461.

Eligible grants are awarded on the basis of a first approved prior application. The pre-application will be assigned a grant number for tracking purposes.

If the grant application form is incomplete, the Water Resources Department will contact the applicant by the preferred method chosen on the grant pre-application.

The Water Resources Department will notify the owner of the eligibility determination. If eligibility is approved, they will issue a subsidy repayment checklist to the owner.

Approval of eligibility will maintain funding but will not guarantee payment until all requirements are met. If eligibility is denied, the Department of Water Resources will notify the owner of the decision.

This is a separate program from the Citrus County Septic Tank Improvement Incentive Program. For more information on this program, call 352-527-7520 or email [email protected]

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