Southend United fan letter: we need a new stadium to move forward


Over the past three seasons, Southend United fans have been through a scorching spell.

On the pitch, the level of play went from bad to worse.

The only good news is that off the pitch things should improve very soon.

This latest opportunity to build a new stadium at Fossetts Farm must be seized if the club is to progress and regain its league status.

The move will free the Roots Hall site for redevelopment, allowing the club to pay off its accumulated debt.

The consecutive relegations weakened the club and the playing budget suffered a lot.

Football clubs with little or no debt are in a better position to increase their gaming budget, which allows them to compete and grow.

A big budget doesn’t guarantee success, but it certainly helps as long as the screening is good and the money is spent wisely.

So for that to happen, we need Southend advisers to do their part and agree to stadium planning consent by the end of this year.

Work can then start in early 2022 on the first phase of the project, which consists of providing modern, high-tech facilities for player training. The stadium itself will follow.

I think it is very important that all the supporters congratulate the town planners and other municipal staff for the tremendous efforts they have put in to engage with the football club and strive for a positive outcome under difficult circumstances.

Congratulations also to the Shrimpers Trust for their dedicated and enthusiastic support to the club during these difficult years.

They recently announced the return of their social inclusion project which links the club to the local community and it is a great initiative.

All positive-thinking fans should purchase a Trust membership.

It only costs a few pounds and the details can be found by visiting the trust website.

The more friendliness there is at the club, the more we can accomplish.


Ashingdon Road, Rochford

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