Southern Railway’s first electric bicycle rental service at Tiruchi station a huge success

The electric bicycle rental service which was inaugurated on Thursday at Tiruchi station is turning out to be a big hit with inquiries pouring in for the facility.

Currently, the service is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Incidentally, this is the only electric bicycle rental service in Tiruchi district. The e-bike center offers bikes for hire at Rs.50 per hour, but guests must deposit Rs 1,000 as a security deposit and must provide copies of the Aadhar card as well as driver’s license.

The rental company associated with Southern Railway said it currently provides electric bikes on an hourly, daily and weekly basis, but more requests are for hourly services.

Ganesh Babu, a daily commuter from Tiruchi station while talking to IANS said: “This is a good move, but the railways should avoid taking a security deposit as people will flee the facility after one or two trips out of curiosity. The railways themselves can guarantee the bikes. electric rather than taking money from customers. “

He said the bikes have built-in GPS and are trackable and there was no reason to collect security deposits. Interestingly, the facility can be used by people who are not even train commuters or who prefer to travel by train is not a necessity to use the Tiruchi station electric bike facility.

The e-bike can travel up to 130 km on a single charge and according to the employees in charge of the Tiruchi Station e-bike center, it cannot be used outside the district at this time. If the bicycle encounters a technical problem, the employees of the station’s e-bike center will come to the site and collect it.

The Tiruchi student community is also excited about the business, but the security deposit is a disheartening factor for many. Ashraf Ali, second-year engineering student at a private engineering school in Tiruchi, addressing IANS said: “The idea is great and we are happy that it came for the first time to our place in Southern Railway, but the rider is that we have no money for the security deposit. iron have to trust us and provide the vehicle hourly or daily rent and there will be a lot of takers. Anyway the vehicle has a GPS and our Aadhar and copies of driver’s license are provided . Hope Railways will respect the sentiments of the student community. “

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