Spotahome partners with Homeppl to offer a rental guarantee solution to its owners following the increase in demand for medium-term rentals


LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Spotahome, the Spanish residential platform that manages 200,000 properties in 29 different countries across Europe, has signed an agreement with the UK tenant due diligence and guarantee company Homeppl provide its owners with a tenant and guarantor referral service for its medium and long-term rentals.

With the opening up of the world and the advent of a post-pandemic life, the demand for medium and long-term rentals has tripled, so it is imperative to be able to approve tenants quickly. But the risk of tenant fraud remains high, so it is essential that landlords have secure tenant referral systems.

Homeppl’s solution combines fraud detection tests, behavioral analytics and financial algorithms, as well as Open Banking data, to assess the true transactional capability of consumers across Europe. It has a 0% defect rate, and Homeppl is so confident in its SEO solution that it also offers to guarantee – a service where it vouches for the tenants it approves – giving more protection to owners and more freedom to tenants.

Spotahome has integrated the Homeppl tenant and guarantor services into a new premium package for its owners; 2,000 have already signed up for the Spotahome Premium service, and the number is expected to reach 10,000 by the end of the year.

Thanks to this partnership with Homeppl, Spotahome – already a pioneer in digital rental thanks to its innovative virtual tours – is further transforming the rental process in Europe, thus making it easier for tenants to rent and reassuring owners. Thanks to the Homeppl service, Spotahome reduces barriers to entry to rent for tenants by eliminating the need to charge an upfront payment of between one and three months’ rent, while providing financial and legal security to landlords by mitigating the burden of rent. fraud, guaranteeing the rent and covering the cost of any damage to the property.

CEO and co-founder of Spotahome, Alejandro Artacho said: “This new service offered to “Spotahome Premium Owners” in partnership with Homeppl, makes Spotahome the only platform offering rentals without deposit and Guaranteed Owners in several European countries. safer for tenants and landlords. In the months that follow, Spotahome will continue to launch new features becoming the benchmark European digital rental platform.

Homeppl CEO Alexander Siedes said: “With a post-COVID recovery underway, we are delighted that Spotahome – one of the largest online rental companies in the world – has chosen us as their tenant referral provider and guarantor. This partnership will help support rental mobility across Europe, allowing tenants to explore new cities and rent with greater freedom while protecting landlords from any financial or legal risk.


About Homeppl:

Homeppl creates financial inclusion. Technology for good business brings equal opportunities to consumers of financial and real estate products. This allows businesses to safely deal with more consumers, including those who have lived outside of the UK, self-employed or students, and others with no credit history. They do this by specializing in rental data validation and risk assessment. So far, they have validated over 100,000 people in over 80 countries with 0 faults. As a result, Homeppl is confident to find the best tenants.

The overall goal of Homeppl is to enable landlords and agencies to assess any tenant and guarantee the rent.

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About Spotahome:

Spotahome is one of the first European platforms created in 2014 specializing in medium to long-term furnished rentals.

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