Spotsylvania Bond Referendum Could Help Fund Joint Aquatics Center | Local News


The Jeff Rouse Swim & Sport Center in Stafford County also serves local swimmers and has the only Olympic-size competition pool in the area.

“The response from the community has been favorable to the Rouse Center,” the consultants wrote in the study, adding that “various regional high schools, clubs and the UMW swim program have had difficulty reserving pool time, suggesting that similar additional resources may be needed to better meet community demand.

The study estimated that the new aquatic center could accommodate around 125,200 swimmers and 102,100 other coaches, staff and spectators each year. In addition, the study suggested that the facility would hold an average of 28 meetings each year.

The new facility would likely not generate enough revenue to cover running costs, according to the study.

“Most facilities across the country similar to the potential new Natatorium operate with an annual financial shortfall,” the consultants wrote. “Direct non-farm support could come from a variety of sources, including public sector support (i.e. general funds, dedicated tax revenues, etc.), grants, philanthropy and other similar sources . A typical cost recovery for comparable Natatorium and Indoor Aquatic Center facilities ranges from 50 to 70 percent of total operating costs.

The study estimated that the annual operating cost of the facility would be $ 2 million, with revenues amounting to $ 1.9 million.

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