SRCO enters the crypto space with a new payment system

Sparta Trade Services (OTCMKTS: SRCO) enters the blockchain boom by launching SpartaPayIQ, a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency.

The launch of SpartaPayIQ is SRCO’s first step into the cryptocurrency market and is an important step in the evolution of the company.

The company seems to show its commitment and interest in the blockchain and Web 3.0 market.

About SRCO’s SpartaPayIQ

-SpartaPayIQ is “designed to provide the infrastructure that allows traditional cryptocurrency users to interact with growing small businesses”.

Sparta Trade Services (OTCMKTS: SRCO) Customers can use SpartaPayIQ to accept cryptocurrencies through their established payment gateways.

-SpartaPayIQ allows customers to accept the following cryptocurrencies:

*        Bitcoin
*        Ethereum
*        Bitcoin Cash
*        Litecoin
*        Dogecoin
*        USDT (Tether)

-Once collected, SpartaPayIQ customers can choose to settle these payments in USD or Euros instantly.

-SpartaPayIQ customers can also choose to hold payments in the cryptocurrency they received.

Speed ​​matters when settling/converting cryptocurrency to USD/EUR

-SpartaPayIQ allows customers to settle payments in USD or Euros instantly so that no value is lost.

-The fluctuating and sometimes volatile values ​​of cryptocurrencies present a financial risk for companies looking to set up shop. A $1,000 the purchase can become worthless within minutes or even seconds if the cryptocurrency exchange rates suddenly change.

-SRCO allows customers to lock in the exchange rate for 15 minutes after an invoice is created.

-This exchange rate guarantee serves to protect not only the clients of SRCO, but also the payers of its clients.

Crypto and the future of SRCO

Sparta Trade Services (OTCMKTS: SRCO) has confirmed plans for future cryptocurrency products that are already slated for launch.

-Although this is SRCO’s first foray into crypto payments, SpartaPayIQ will not be a standalone product. SRCO’s new products will integrate with SpartaPayIQ and use it as a key feature.

-SpartaPayIQ will also be used in existing retail businesses of SRCO, New World Health Brands CBD and CycleChex.

-CEO of Sparta Sales Anthony Haven marked the launch by discussing the product’s mission and the problem the company aims to solve: “This is an important milestone for the business. SpartaPayIQ(TM) provides a simple solution to a complex problem: how businesses can interact with cryptocurrency users while working with employees and vendors traditionally paid in US dollars?”

who is Sparta Commercial Services, Inc.?

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. is traditionally known for its consumer and municipal funding to the motorsports, leisure and automotive industries.

– More recently, SRCO has added a wide range of technology products and services. Its subsidiaries include:

*, RVChex.Com, and, which provide motor vehicle history reports.

*, which offers cannabidiol products

SRCO as an investment

-Currently traded at $0.1639 per share, SRCO’s price has doubled in the past six months.

-With a market capitalization of $2.5 millionthe company has a proven track record in the new and growing world of Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, and metaverse-adjacent technologies.

Investors could see SRCO as a stock that brings them closer to cryptocurrency without being subject to the rising and falling prices of different coins.

-The value of SRCO is not based on cryptocurrency prices. Rather, it is based on the service it provides to customers looking to convert payments from crypto to USD.

-SRCO could be a value to watch for investors ready to join the Web 3.0 buzz or who want a potential taste of the crypto market without a history of volatility.

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