The “new normal” in the delivery industry


In “The way payments are now made”, 33 payments managers discuss what the“ new normal ”in payments looks like. Simon right, co-founder and CEO of Connection identifier, discusses the impact of the digital shift on the delivery space, and all interactions between drivers and consumers. Read his ideas in the eBook.

There are a lot of changes to the way things are going as the world recovers from the pandemic, but if I had to think of one thing in particular that is impacting a customer but not directly involving them, it is ‘is the “new normal” in space delivery.

Due to the new social distancing mandate, delivery drivers in the food or retail space now leave ordered food or merchandise at the customer’s doorstep and, as proof of delivery, take a photo of the address physical with the item delivered in front of this. Previously there would have been the typical knock on a door or the ringing of a bell, an exchange of jokes and the delivery of the product. Taking a photo, however, does not guarantee that the person concerned has received their package (think of rental scenarios, shared entrances or other scenarios).

A better way to support this interaction would be a system in which the driver is able to notify the customer that their item has been delivered with a few taps or clicks instead of taking a photo and continuing with other deliveries. The customer would receive a notification and would be able to instantly verify that they have received their merchandise. This way there is more solid proof that the transaction was successful and no possibility of friendly fraud.



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