The Salvation Army of Hamilton offers community assistance and sponsors 20 children for camp | Local News

The Salvation Army in Hamilton has funds to help needy community members with living expenses and groceries this month, a need for a volunteer coordinator and an all-expenses-paid camp for 20 youth in August.

Salvation Army Hamilton service center coordinator Fidelis Temukum said he had received money from SA headquarters to spend by the end of May.

“We can help with some overdue rent, mortgages and utilities,” Temukum said. “We are here to help you if you are having difficulty. Make an appointment and bring your papers, for utility it will be a late notice. For rent or mortgage, you will need to bring your statement that your rent or mortgage is overdue.

He said his office still had money to help with groceries.

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“We understand families are struggling and prices have gone up so much,” Temukum said. “We have gift cards to support families who are struggling to buy groceries and maybe gas as well. Gas cards and food cards are things we do throughout the year, but I’m increasing them right now due to high prices. »

He wishes the Hamilton Salvation Army could do more to improve the housing situation in the Bitterroot Valley.

“We have a lot of homeless families,” Temukum said. “We thought about buying motorhomes but where would we put them? We can’t find a place to plug them in. We are doing everything we can to help address the housing situation, but we are limited.

The Salvation Army in Hamilton is also looking for a volunteer coordinator.

“We need a volunteer to work with us permanently to help coordinate our seasonal programs,” Temukum said. “This is a permanent unpaid position. This person would help us coordinate community food distribution, such as at Thanksgiving, ringing our bell, recruiting bell ringers, collecting donations, and bringing donations to the bank.

The volunteer would help with back to school programs, toys for toddlers and other Christmas programs.

Temukum said that when community events were happening, the SA office was too busy.

“Sometimes we are so busy that we are unable to help ordinary people who come for all their needs,” he said. “If we have someone coordinating our special programs, we can continue to do our usual work.”

The volunteer would work two hours a week or up to eight hours a week between Thanksgiving and the end of December.

“From time to time, we might have them assist with admission, answer phones, or issue gas cards or food stamps,” Temukum said. “We would train them to do this stuff.”

The Salvation Army in Hamilton is sponsoring 20 young people to attend a five-day camp, August 1-5, called Camp Gifford, in Spokane, Washington. Contact the SA office in Hamilton to apply.

“It’s a nice thing for kids to go there,” Temukum said. “For two years, we haven’t had the opportunity to send children because of COVID. There have been a lot of confinements. It’s an opportunity for children not only to have fun, but also to experience life in nature.

There are still openings for 8-12 year olds, with opportunities for arts, crafts, basketball, boating, canoeing, fishing, soccer, swimming, volleyball -ball, fireside, games and Bible study.

“My office will pay for everything because I know a lot of parents are struggling right now,” Temukum said. “It costs us about $800 per child, but we take care of it. We pay for round trip transportation, food, dorms and all the activities they will have up there. It is open to all, being a professing Christian is not a requirement. We just want the kids to go out there and experience camp.

Complete an application at the Salvation Army office at 217 N. 3rd St., Suite B-2, Hamilton.

“We have nine openings and I’m sure they will be sold out by the middle of next week as we have a lot of interested families,” he said. “If you take an application but don’t return it, we cannot guarantee your place.”

Temukum said The Salvation Army in Hamilton appreciates donations from the community.

“We thank the generous community for their donations to the Salvation Army,” he said. “Whatever is given here stays here. We pray that one day we can find a place to buy for shelter, but we don’t know if that will happen.

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