Urban Company sues protesting service partners

Home care marketplace Urban Company has filed a lawsuit against service partners demonstrating outside its office and called the ongoing protests “illegal.”

Urban Company partners in the salon category have been demonstrating in front of the company’s Delhi NCR office since the evening of December 20, 2021. The protests are against the introduction of a fee-based labor guarantee program. ‘subscription called MG plan (minimum guarantee) and categorization of workers into Flexi, Smart and Plus.

The petition stated that a group of 50 salon category partners visited Urban Company’s Gurugram office on December 20, 2021, in connection with the changes recently implemented to the platform. According to the company, towards the end of the meeting at around 6 p.m., a group of 20 service professionals decided to stay on the premises and began chanting slogans.

The odd-job economy company asked the court for an injunction ordering the partners to “cease their illegal demonstration and immediately leave the office, the main entrance and the parking lot of the urban company”. The company also asked for the help and security of the police to pay the protestors and prohibit partners from provoking any kind of demonstrations, protests, riots or forming a crowd etc.

In addition, Urban Company has asked the court to ban protesters from circulating messages on WhatsApp or any other social media, which could damage the company’s reputation. Activity area reviewed the court notice sent to one of the UC partners named in the petition.

“There have been cases of dissatisfaction and concerns shared by certain categories of partners regarding product prices and fees agreed by them. While we have worked tirelessly to resolve these issues amicably with partners, a certain group of disruptive partners have decided to repeatedly derail the process of collaboration and cooperation for their unknown ulterior motives and special interests. Urban Company said in its petition.

The company added that the partners used “illegal means to destabilize its business and employed illegal means, including, but not limited to, threatening Urban Company employees as well as other partners.”

Partner requests

According to the protesting workers, Urban Company’s MG plan requires primary workers to pay a monthly subscription of 3,000 and 2,000 for conventional workers, to get guaranteed work on UC. In addition, the company would launch a new category system by January 2022 in which partners who do not participate in the MG plan or who have a low “response rate” will be classified in the Flexi category. Protesting concert workers say partners categorized as Flexi will not receive work Monday through Friday.

In a letter to the CEO of Urban Company, Abhiraj Singh Bahl, representative of the Delhi unit of Urban Company partners, Sneha Sinha said: “We strongly protest against the ‘work for pay’ policy, which has been presented under the guise of a minimum guarantee plan. ” She added that three proposed categories (Flexi, Smart and Plus) should be removed, as one category is enough.

In addition, workers at the concert also claimed that Urban Company has asked high-performing partners to offer customers discounts in the order of 10 percent of their revenue. The partners said the discounts are an incentive provided by a company to customers, and the burden of providing those discounts should not be passed on to the workers at the gig.

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