Video of Salt Bae mutilating baguette in name of gastronomy goes viral for sheer nonsense


OZAN ​​KOSE / AFP via Getty Images

Is America the land of opportunity or what?

Guy weirdly sprinkles salt on a plate and he’s rewarded with 39 million Instagram followers, a net worth of $ 50 million, restaurants in the world’s most expensive cities, customers willing to pay $ 15 for a Red Bull, and a bloated sense of self-worth.

Mr Bae has already gone viral this week after a customer at London’s Salt Bae restaurant, Nusr-and Steakhouse, posted a photo of his $ 2,457 dinner for four. The bill included four Red Bulls for $ 59.66 and a gold leaf tomahawk steak for an $ 854 bonkers.

English chef Tom Kerridge, who owns the first pub to hold two Michelin stars, reacted to the Salt Bae viral craze with a sign outside one of his restaurants.

Salt Bae must have been a leper in a previous life, as another clip went viral of the chef building what can best be described as “Drunk at 3am and just got out of it. grocery store”.

And I have absolutely no idea what this monstrosity is but I can guarantee it’s two months rent.

America. Land of opportunity indeed.

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