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Whose quality of life is improved?

Quality of life, whose quality of life are you improving? Can you tell us how much money was paid by the owners of the sports teams who initially put us in debt?

So how much better is our quality of life? You keep buying bonds for quality life items from years ago, things have changed. I might be planning to go to Hawaii, but if I don’t have the money when the time comes, I don’t.

How has the quality of life been improved for all El Paso residents, those whose taxes are raised to cover bonds that you buy willy-nilly? Quality of life, for El Paso taxpayers, are roads that won’t damage your car through cracks, loops, and potholes. Quality of life the assurance that your home will not be flooded every time it rains. Isn’t it time you stopped doing what you think is best for our children’s future – an unimaginable tax burden – and started letting them decide for themselves what they want in order to that they can enjoy their future without the financial burdens that we leave them.

Susan butkiewicz

East of El Paso

After:El Paso COVID-19 deaths include seven fully vaccinated residents with underlying health issues

The pandemic is not over, take your precautions

Several of my friends report that people they know have tested positive for COVID, even though they were fully vaccinated. COVID cases increased 97% last week. Additionally, Texas is one of 34 states where COVID cases have increased by more than 50% in the past week and 45 states are moving in the wrong direction.

What worries me is that in a little over a month, students will be returning in person to campuses and classrooms across the state where there are no face masks or mandatory vaccinations. This despite the fact that the delta variant appears to be so contagious that, according to some reports, even momentary exposure can be a cause of transmission.

Unfortunately, too many people foolishly believe that the pandemic is over and they can forget about prevention measures. It is wishful thinking! So I hope those who have not been vaccinated will care about others and have one, and those of us who are vaccinated will be vigilant, wearing masks and taking precautionary measures.

In addition, it is essential that Governor Abbott allow areas of the state experiencing an increase in COVID combined with low vaccination rates to require vaccinations and require people to wear masks.

Doesn’t it seem a little silly and ridiculous that institutions like the University of Texas require a meningitis vaccination but don’t require one for COVID?

Richard Cherwitz

Austin, Texas

After:Joe Moody willingly paid the political price for trying to protect Texans’ voting rights

State Democrats Do What They Said They Would Do, Protect Voting Rights

Writer Arthur W. Trantham, Sr., with all due respect, you are wrong about the Democrats in the state legislature who have left the state. They are doing exactly what they told voters they would do, protect the right to vote. While Republicans are bent on restricting the right to vote, which is fundamental in a democracy, Democrats are using the only tool they have to stop them.

Richard Gutierrez

West El Paso

After:Texas Democrats violate voter confidence by leaving: letters to the editor

You don’t always get your way

As a Vietnam veteran, I have to say that during the war we did not all agree with the policies of the government of the day, but we did our duty, we stayed and served, and many died because of their oath to serve and protect this country. . Our personal opinion, we have kept it to ourselves.

However, there were those who refused and left the country. They ran away and hid so as not to have to serve. We called them deserters and in some cases traitors.

I think that what our elected Democrats, elected to represent us in the State, by their actions must also be considered as deserters. Imagine if this became the norm. Will it be the Republics who then give up their functions when the going gets tough and things don’t go their way?

These representatives do not deserve to be re-elected and perhaps they should even be recalled for having stepped down. They were elected to represent us, not for their own personal and political agendas. You don’t always win in this world and you don’t always get your way.

Elias A. Camacho

East of El Paso

It’s time to collect the debts of the Trump campaign

When is El Paso going to do something to collect the money former President Donald Trump and his campaign committee owe the city of El Paso for their rally during the 2020 election season? This money could come in handy for some of our expenses – and some late fees should be added to the bill – no one is above their financial responsibilities and debts, especially a billionaire.

Susan butkiewicz

East of El Paso

Where is the adult in the room?

I had a good laugh this morning, July 15, in the El Paso Times headline: “What They Chosen Me To Do,” highlighted by a photo of our petulant kids dropping out of school, or is it abandons their elected responsibility? This is the nature of our politics in these times. When it comes to Democrats, you can’t find an adult in the room. You’d think the adult in the Times room would report this nonsense for what it is.

Thomas M. Doyle

West El Paso

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