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Global Savings Network will be relaunched in 2022 leveraging the Shomei payment platform to support real-time local and international payments

WASHINGTON, DC, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire— Xalles Holdings Inc. (XALL), a fintech holding company providing technology solutions and financial services, has signed a new license agreement with Xped Holdings Pty. ltd. (“Xped”) of Adelaide, Australia, for its payment platform Shomei (“Shomei”).

Global Savings Network Inc. (“GSN”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xalles Financial Services Inc., will customize the Shomei real-time payment platform to create a new payment solution. GSN’s business model is to support local non-profit organizations through passive fundraising. The Shomei-based GSN system will allow GSN consumers to make mobile payments in-store, which will give consumers discounts at merchants as well as cash back on their purchases. The system will also provide the merchant with real-time payouts and the non-profit organization will also receive their fundraising payouts calculated as a percentage of total purchases in real-time.

“Our team will work closely with the GSN team to deliver near field communication (NFC) virtual cards and mobile wallets in multiple currencies,” said Keith Benson, CEO of Xped Holdings. He continued, “The system, backed by multiple technology patents, will also allow consumers to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies.”
“The new Shomei-based GSN system will enable seamless payments to all parts of our financial services ecosystem, including consumers, merchants and nonprofit organizations. Secure, real-time and simple is our goal in acquiring this technology,” said Terry Mowery, President, Global Savings Network Inc.

GSN will upgrade its technology platform and relaunch its vast network of merchants and consumers using the Shomei-based GSN system by October 2022.

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